Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War

A medieval city building MMO Throne: Kingdom at War is a free to play title accessible through web browser where players raise up their own settlement, train an army and battle against each other to climb the ranks either solo or as part of an Order alongside other players. The game offers the classic Plarium strategy formula with many identical features and gameplay elements as seen in their other titles, but provides them in a new game with a new theme.


- Build up your own city
- Train dozens of different troops
- Fantastic graphics and art style
- Manage your resources and progression
- Defeat enemy AI
- Fight against real world players in PVP
- Join an Order and team up with other players
- Free to play
- Browser based gameplay


The core of Throne: Kingdom at War is a resource management city building MMO, where players must try to advance their settlement by constructing and upgrading buildings, acquiring resources, fielding a powerful military, and going head to head with other real world players through conflict where they can attack each other’s cities. Actions in the game cost resources and take time, ranging from minutes to hours depending on the chosen task, as well as uses up Stamina, and so players must manage all of these things to advance efficiently. As the game is browser based players can access it on the move, able to keep checking in on their city and choose new tasks as they see fit to have optimal progression.


There are a variety of buildings to construct within a player’s city, each having different purposes, players can build multiple versions of a single building or focus on upgrading a building to make it more powerful:

Production – Mines, Farms, Quarries and Lumber Yards, these buildings provide players with the basic resources they need to construct and upgrade other buildings, train units, unlock knowledge and more; the higher the production building’s rank the more resources it produces every hour

Bank – When a player is attacked by another player then they lose some of their resources, players are able to store their resources in the bank to keep them safe from raiders; the higher the rank of the Bank the more resources they are able to store

Barracks – Required to train the various troops that make up a players army, from ranged and melee attackers to Spies that conduct espionage missions; the higher the barracks the more units a player can train at any one time
Workshop – This unique building allows players to craft different items from materials looted through PVP and PVE, from buffs and boosts to gear to equip their Hero character

Academy – Here players unlock various technologies to advance their settlement, ranging from Economic trees to improve production, infrastructure and city maintenance, to Military that allows them to unlock access to more powerful units

Palace – The rank of the Palace determines the highest rank that any other building within the city can be, and so players must continuously increase its rank


From the Kingdom Map players can see where their city is situated and all the other surrounding player cities that are nearby, as well as their owners and levels. Scattered around the map are various holdings that players can capture to increase their resource income, as well as PVE enemies that can be attacked in combat so that the player can earn extra rewards.

Players are able to attack and raid each other’s cities once a player has lost their new player immunity (either through time, becoming a higher level or through them attacking someone else). Through the Kingdom Map players can click a rival players city and choose to perform Espionage and find out what sort of defences it holds, or make Attacks and Raids to dwindle their opponent’s military and steal resources from their city. Combat is completely automated and players must choose which units they wish to send on an attack when they initiate it, able to better choose the right units to send through their Spies information gathering.

GENRE: City Building / Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browsers and mobile devices


Web Browsers


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