Therian Saga

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Studio Virtys


Therian Saga is a free to play browser-based MMO RPG where players will step into the shoes of a prospective legendary hero, joined by a number of companions they will journey across various fantasy territories in search of great adventure. Players can focus on a variety of different roles for their hero, from crafter, fighter, scholar, spy and more the huge scope of tasks and features to try out.


-          Create your hero as a Crafter, Artisan, Spy, Explorer, Fighter and more
-          Dozens of skills to choose from
-          Levelling up a skill will increase skills in the same category
-          Create masterful works of art
-          Explore exciting environment world
-          Delve into dangerous dungeons
-          Hire companion allies to help you in your task
-          Build your own home


The first decision on a player must make is what type of hero they want to create it is possible to become an artist than and create wonderful works of art and gain a reputation and fame for being one of the greatest artists hands the kingdom has ever seen, play as a gritty labourer mining deep into the ground or heading off into the woods as a lumberjack players are able to gather resources and become known for their wares and trade with wealthy lords to make themselves a small fortune. Play as a crafter building all manner of items including huge estates laying bricks and mortar for those well-paying barons and duchesses as you grow in reputation for being a master builder.

Some players however perform a more adventurous lifestyle and rightfully can choose to become explorers, heading off into hostile and dangerous territory, uncovering new lands and bringing back exotic trinkets and items. Some prefer to study this world’s strange creatures and tame them to then train them up as loyal pets and companions.

Whatever path a player chooses they will in time build up the skills that they need to accomplish some legendary achievements.


Players start out as a humble settler in this new land with a few skills to get them by but the potential for a bright and prosperous future. The game is a level-less system and instead players simply train and raise the skills that they wish to use, skills themselves are scored between 0 and 100 to show how talented a player is with them, each skill is raised independently.

Skills are groups up into different specialisation fields, increasing its skill in a particular field they will level up not only that skill but the overall specialisation itself which will directly increase the other skills of that field e.g. specialisation field “Wood” allows players to train up their Woodworking skill, when doing so it will also have a slight increase of the Woodcutting and Carpentry skills that fall under the same specialisation.

Players will be able to learn new recipes, which must be studied beforehand so that they can actually use it. Recipes require a variety of different materials and resources which can be harvested by the player, purchased or occasionally looted for extremely rare and legendary items. To create the best and most powerful/lucrative items the player will often have to loot to other players for their assistance.


In the game players will meet a number of different companion allies that will serve them and help them throughout their journey. Depending on the tasks you need performing this should determine which companions who seek to employ as their skills can directly benefit your own, e.g. if a player wishes to upgrade their carpentry and woodworking skills then recruiting and artists and would be beneficial as you can help each other out as you both increase your own skills.

Players require leadership skills to hire a humanoid companions or taming to train up creature/monster companions, and some companions are only available once a player has completed a specific quest.


Therian Saga is a world of exploration where territories and Islands are divided up into different terrain types, which require different skills and abilities to navigate safely. Access to some of the most dangerous and hard to reach locations will only be accessible via extremely skilled heroes, a lucrative adventure for any explorers on a quest.

Some territories or even harder dangerous dungeons filled with various monsters and evil forces that often guard valuable treasures and long lost lore. Dungeons take place in real time so players are able to explore them and fight against other creatures and hazards.


Web Browser


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