Tanki Online

GENRE: Free to play Tank MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: AlternativaPlatform


Tanki Online is a Flash based free to play tank MMO that can be played directly in your Internet browser where millions of registered players battle against each other in fast-paced combat where you are a tank! Compete in different game modes over a variety of maps and unlock new tanks and modifications as you progress through the game.


- Fast paced Tank MMO
- Customize your tanks with different turrets, hulls and paints
- Play through four different game modes
- Lots of different maps made by the developers and community
- Free to play
- Browser Based


The core of the game is tank-based combat where players fight each other in various combat modes, players are able to leave and join battles at any point even if they have already begun, but and string a battle later will likely result in a lower score at the end of the game and thus giving fewer rewards. Players will fight on different maps, some of which are created by the developers but many are community contributions, and most come in both a summer and winter version. Players are also able to change the “PRO” settings from starting a game which allows you to turn off and on things such as auto balancing and friendly Fire options.


Up of the key areas to the game is unlocking new tanks and customising them with a variety of different turrets, hulls and paint jobs.

Turrets - your primary weapon within the game the type of turrets the player chooses will determine their style of play, either rapid attacks or more focused weapons used to fire from a protected/ sniper type position. As well is choosing your main turret players can upgrade these even further with four modifications available, with some mods requiring a rank prerequisite.

Hulls - the type of hull a player chooses for their tank is another vital component to success, with plans to choose from players can mix and match between lighter and faster tanks that can zip around the battlefield or a heavier and more highly armoured hulls to take more hits. As with Turrets a hull also has four modification points for further upgrades.

Paint - paints add a nice aesthetic to your tank letting you change the look of your vehicle with a variety of colours and patterns. However, paints can also offer a level of protection from particular weapons and so are equally as important.


There are four classic game modes available in the game:

Deathmatch – every man for himself a fast-paced adrenaline fuelled battle mode where from the moment you spawn in there is likely to be an enemy to fire upon… or want to fire at you. With such constant carnage players can really increase their battle fund currency with these matches as enemies are everywhere.

Team Deathmatch – Similar to the normal Deathmatch only now you have a few people less to kill that can support you. Victories gained by either reaching a certain amount of team kills or whoever has the most kills once the time limit is reached.

Capture the Flag – players are divided into two different teams and are charged with capturing the enemy flag whilst simultaneously preventing the enemy team from taking their own. Upon death when carrying the flag the flag is drops and your teammates can pick it up before the enemy reach it and return it to their base. Teams score a point by bringing the enemy flag to their own flag, which needs to be in their base.

Control Points - teams must fight for control over specific points on a map, earning points at every second that they control point which is captured by remaining at that location until the point flips over to your team’s control. With a constant exchange of points this battle mode is extremely intense.


Players can gain new ranks through gameplay, earned by gaining experience points through destroying enemy tanks, healing allies, interacting with the flags in the Capture the Flag battle mode and by controlling points. As players level up they will unlock access to new turrets, hulls, paints and passes; items that give you specific in game privileges such as giving you bonus crystals or extra XP for a day, etc.


Web Browser


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