Tales Runner


GENRE: Free to Play Racing MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Rhaon Entertainment


Tales Runner is a free to play racing MMO where players must compete against each other in a number of wacky races that take them across different maps and environments, through various themes and in different game modes. Players get to level up their own character and unlock a variety of rewards and prizes by playing. The game was previously scrapped but has now been resurrected by OGPlanet to have new life breathed back into it.


- Exciting and fast-paced racing MMO
- Lots of different game modes to play from solo to team based races
- Discover different environments and themes from traditional courses to familiar fairytale settings
- Choose your character and customise them with different items and gear
- Create new items in the Alchemy system
- Try out challenging mini games
- Completely free to play


The core game revolves around various races where players must jump, tumble and fight their way to the finish line, trying to beat other players in fun and competitive gameplay. Each map and race will hold its own unique challenges, having to work out puzzles, navigate past obstacles and challenging course layouts as well as fighting past NPC creatures and traps. Races can either take place as a third person viewpoint and quickly switch to a 2-D side scrolling view as players move around the map course. The game is broken down into various themes and game modes and players get to level up their own customisable character.


The game currently supports a number of different racing modes:

Solo Race - a free for all every man for themselves race

Team Race - two teams must race against each other to be the first to cross the finish line

Relay Race – up to 6 teams of three players take it in turns to run a section of the course

Survival Race - up to 30 players all racing at the same time

Co-Op - eight players work together to finish a race

Tournament – Special events that are put on by the gamemasters

Different races take place across different themed environments, from sports facility training maps, jungle maps with roaming predators and even an Alice in Wonderland fantasy style map where players must fight past playing card soldiers and Cheshire cats!

When completing a race players are rewarded depending on their final position, or the position that their team achieved, and are rewarded with XP, in game currency, Alchemy cards and a variety of other items.


There are a variety of different characters that players can choose from, each of which are fully customisable and come with their own unique stats that will change how that character plays including such things as their maximum speed, acceleration, power and control. Players can dress their characters in various clothing items and even completely new skins such as famous characters from well-known fairytales.


Using the Alchemy system players are able to create their own new items from Alchemy items collected from racing or purchased in the in game store.


There are a number of different mini games that players can join in game for fun, such as the Penguin attack where wave after wave of penguins try to reach you and players must jump onto platforms to shoot snowball cannons stopping the penguins from reaching them, here the penguins come faster and faster as the game goes on and if the Penguin reaches you then they explode a bomb that they should lose your lives.


With bright and colourful graphics and comic gameplay the game holds a lot of appeal for many younger players, though is quite challenging and so will appeal to players that like an intensive racing game.


Currently Unknown



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