Street Racers

GENRE: Free to play Racing MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Space Tomato


This free to play browser-based racing MMO is geared towards those players who love motorsports and cars as they are pitted against each other in high adrenaline races, competing in tournaments as well as buying, selling and upgrading their cars. With simple and casual gameplay as players level up and unlock harder features the game becomes more challenging and competitive to keep hardcore players entertained.


- Full on Racing MMO
- Three speciality types: Forcer, Racer and Mechanic
- 3-D rendered cars and authentic parts
- A wide selection of cars available
- Extensive car accessories and equipment
- A variety of player skills that can be combined
- Playable tournaments against other races
- Racing Clubs, Club Tournaments and Club Wars
- Supports English, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish languages
- Available to play in your web browser with no client download necessary
- Completely free to play


Each player will start at the bottom of the ladder, with a pretty low-end car the goal is to gain money, experience and notoriety as they work their way up unlocking new cars and new modifications to soup up their rides. With a wide selection of cars and car parts available players can also combine equipment to make forced parts.

Players are allotted skill points as they level up which they can use to improve their characters own racing skills in a variety of ways. Players can increase their racing skills through the Racers’ School or perhaps train themselves to repair broken parts as well as picking up the parts forcing skills so that they are able to earn extra cash by selling these services to the other players in the community.

Competitive PvP racing is at the heart of the game and there are a number of different racing modes that players can take part in, with everything from head-to-head Races, Tournaments, Grand Tournaments and More to Try and Earn Experience, Cups and flags. These races are stretched across 17 unique urban city racecourses giving a wide selection of gameplay options.

One of the main features of the game is to try and lead and run a powerful racers club, by being a member of a club players gain access to a variety of club level features including tournaments and Club Wars.


Web Browser


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