Street Mobster

GENRE: Free to play MMO Browser
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Enter a world where near anything is possible and everything is yours for the taking. This free to play browser based MMO puts the players in the shoes of a recently released criminal and puts them on the dangerous streets that with a little effort and a lot of bloodshed they will come to rule. The game is a Mafia Empire building type game where players can develop and expand the vast underground network competing against each other to be the king of the streets.


- 38 available guns

- 23 types of dog fighting breeds

- 40 different vehicles

- 26 unique items

- 12 available quests

- Play through your internet browser

- Intriguing pixel based graphics

- Solo and team options


Running your streets players are able to perform a number of different tasks to help build up their criminal empire, robbing houses, mugging civilians, looting and buying gear such as weapons to increase the fear and respect from your rivals.

As well as improving your street a player must also improve their character, which can be done by going to the gym to keep themselves fit and improving their physical presence going to school to make their mind an equally powerful weapon as their muscles.


as your Empire grows more successful you will quickly see the cash rolling in, at this point players must choose how to spend their earnings. There are a number of different businesses and buildings that any would be kingpin coming to invest in from factories to build weapons and cars,  making your money through illegal dogfighting or even being a pimp.



It is possible to start going more legit, investing in your own bar or casino where players can come to hang out and play real online games whilst chatting to each other. Alternatively players can use the hotel feature to create their own private chat rooms where they can meet similarly minded criminals to plan their domination of the street.


Players can earn virtual money every day by playing in one of the normal server worlds for their country and if they successfully grow their network and business each day and find themselves in the top 1000 for their world they will instantly be rewarded. After three months the more successful players in each country automatically qualify to join a worldwide final event where they can go head-to-head to prove themselves as the best kingpin and win cash prizes.


Web Browser


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