Stormthrone: Aeos Rising


Stormthrone: Aeos Rising - An action packed fantasy-based MMO RPG adventure with an extensive list of features and real time strategic combat against players from around the world or advanced AI enemies through quest-based PVE and dangerous dungeon delves. Players can choose from a variety of races and classes to further customise their character as they ready themselves for the ultimate battle against evil.


- Fantasy themed MMORPG
- Choose from three different races and six powerful classes
- Extensive quests where players will defend the Driftworld
- 4 Realms to discover, huge in game hubs to unite players
- Discover and wield the ancient Aeon Weapons
- Work as a team and take on challenging multiplayer dungeons
- Customise your character with powerful loot drops
- Play through your web browser
- Free to play


For millennia the demons of the world of Aeon have dwelled beneath the surface, waiting for their moment to spill into the realm and wage the final war against the various races that live upon the surface. Lead by the sinister Voice Below the armies of Dawnhold have seen the emergence of powerful Heroes, those able to harness abilities and arcane magic thought impossible and now turn to them to save the world from complete destruction. You are one such hero.


The game is a story driven RPG that encourages players to explore the extensive content and features to progress through the game, unlock new abilities and powers for the characters and acquire gear to make them stronger in battle against both AI and players in many of the PVP focused.


There are six different playable classes in the game for players to choose, each having their own abilities and role in battle that can be used for solo combat or as part of a team with a mix of melee, ranged and support type roles:

Mage - When Tem, one of the original deities and creators of the world, was slain his power unleashed a chaos and elemental destruction upon the world that has since been harnessed and mastered by a number of arcane practitioners who can now wield these forces in battle with long ranged destructive spells

Priest - With a life dedicated to ridding the world of evil and the dark these holy warriors draw their strength from the collective unconscious, using the Axioms protection they are able to march headlong into the armies of Demons and send them fleeing with put the utterance of a few holy words.

Paladin - Servants of Beruva, the Sun Goddess, it is their own honour and cold that drives them, and unparalleled strength of will and determination they are the righteous and defenders of the weak. Paragons of strength and bravery their convictions and discipline make them ideally suited to the sword and shield, able to defend their companions and bring righteous fury with the light.

Hunter - Where some harness the chaos of the elements others find balance and an empathic link with it, these Hunters are connected to all living things and are ultimate survivors of the wild able to use their abilities and devastating traps to destroy the corruption the Demons have brought forth on the land.

Warrior - Lacking the discipline of the Paladin the Warrior charges into battle with brute force and rage, swinging their huge two-handed weapons their brutality is renowned and whilst the barbarism and viciousness that they wield isn’t pretty it is more than welcomed in the battle against evil.

Rogue - Preferring stealth, subtlety and subterfuge in comparison to some of their more openly direct companions these fighters strike from the shadows with a devastating precision, identifying their opponents weakness and eliminating them quickly with a flash of blades and disappearing once more back into the night


Created by the Trium: Tem, Umbral and Beruva, the gods that created the world of Aeos, they had to battle for the freedom of the Driftworld, the Heroes that emerged and Villains alike in time acquire powerful weapons known as the Aeon Weapons; ancient relics of the old wars.

Players are able to hunt down and wield these powerful artefacts, ranging from the Wyrmbolt, the Spear of Storms, Stardrinkner and others that have acquired legendary status in their own right is the ultimate weapon against the encroaching darkness.

GENRE: Stormthrone Free to play Fantasy MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Web Browser


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