Starlight Story

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Internet Browsers
Developed By: UserJoy Technology

Gearing yourself up with powerful weapons and armour Starlight Story is a browser-based free to play MMORPG in a battle of technology versus magic where players are fighting to save doomed planet. Rally your companions and your pets and prepare for a journey in this mystical, wondrous realm.

In a world destined to die as the last of its resource is finally deplete, the realm is on the brink of annihilation, chaos and total destruction that can only be stopped by new heroes, rising up to save their planet and mankind.

Main Features
- vivid landscapes and colourful graphics make up wonderful environments to play through
- discover and tame and number of pets to fight alongside you and share your journey
- take on new forms with the transformation power, increasing your power and abilities
- fight players in an arena, in a dual or in 3V3 combat

Playable Classes
there are five available classes for players to choose within the game and each eventually has a choice of two specialized subclasses to further advance into.

The Squire - heavily armoured and it defensive weapons make him walking shield they able to specialise as a Guardian or Legionnaire

The Duellist - talented with their twin pistols their attacks are rapid and accurate they are able to specialise as a Gunslinger or Bombardier

The Apprentice - combining both magic and technology to wield devastating attacks the scholarly apprentice can also heal companions and specialise as a Surgeon or a Gearhead

The Magnus - using spells to boost their defences, this magical and novice travels the world in order to learn new skills and can specialise as either a Sage or a Hexer

The Rogue - light armoured to best utilise their agility and swiftness the rogue strikes quickly and deadly and is able to specialise as an Assassin or a Swift Blade

At level 40 players are able to switch their class, keeping all their earned skill points, and trying out a new class. If they don’t like it they are able to revert back to their original class.

players are able to transform into a form of any boss that they have produced lay defeated in battle, giving not only a new cosmetic look to your character but giving them massively improved stats whilst in that chosen form. This feature is also available to any pets companions acquired on your journey.

Pet Companions
there are a huge number of pets that can be discovered and make up an integral component to combat, standing at the players side from their first moments in the game and fighting for them.

Players are also able to gain mounts, increasing your stats as is the case with all pets as well as increasing movement speed and can stay active whilst in battle.

System Requirements
Internet connection and Browser


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