Space Pioneers 2


GENRE: Free to play Empire Building MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Space Pioneers 2 is a free to play browser-based strategy game web thousands of players from across the world are embroiled in a universe of war, trade and diplomacy as they interact with each other daily to build up their own colonised planets and expand their territory. Players can build up their Empire by raising mighty fleets of warships, research and advanced technologies and align themselves with other empires creating military alliances


- Space based strategy MMO
- Research new technologies to advance your planet
- Build up and train a powerful military force
- Establish your base of operations and construct vital facilities
- Trade with other players and open diplomatic relations
- Dominate the Galaxy through conquest in exciting PVP
- Browser-based gameplay
- Completely free to play


The core gameplay in Space Pioneers 2 revolves around players building up various resources, developing their planetary bases by constructing various buildings, researching technologies to give access to new features, buildings and ships and ultimately raise a military force capable of defending your territory or attacking rivals. Players are able to PVP with each other either in space or in planetary assaults where players are able to conquer their rivals’ colonised planets and annex them into their own Empire. The game revolves around a gated time based system where constructing resources, buildings and ships as well as various other actions requires a set amount of real-world time, anything from minutes, hours, days to even weeks.


Players are able to mine and synthesise key resources in the game: Metal, Crystal and Tritium. These resources are used for all manner of construction, from buildings to ships, and are used in great abundance requiring players to place a lot of focus on gathering resources. Depending on the planet that a player is trying to mine it can determine what quantity of a particular resource they are likely to find, for example cold planets yield a higher overall Tritium production (which is particularly valuable as it is needed for spaceship fuel), whereas warmer planets gain better production from using Solar Power Plants and Solar Satellites.


There are a wide selection of different buildings that players will need to construct within their base to help their planet grow, a selection of these are:

Tritium Synthesizer - needed to convert raw Tritium into a usable products that is used for the building of ships, defence construction, research and spaceship fuel

University - University allows players to reduce the amount of time it costs to research new technologies, as some technologies can take a very long time to fully research the University becomes an invaluable building as well as influencing the cost of research

Power Plants - there are numerous different types of power plant that players can build providing they have researched the required level of technology to unlock construction, these include Solar power, Geo power and Wind power and the amount of power it can yield is determined by the type of planet it is constructed on


Players are able to research different technologies to give them access to new buildings, weapons and Empire managing functions. New technologies will have a number of pre-requisites that a player must meet, including early technologies, before they have full access to it at which point players can upgrade a technology up to level 10 were it will be at its most efficient. An example of some of the available research technologies are:

Astronomy - shows the presence and location in nearby systems, the higher this technology is levelled up the further away the player can examine distant systems

Spy Technology - espionage allows players to build satellites and send them to spy on neighbouring planets to gather information

Hyperspace Technology - this allows players to travel through hyperspace to reach distant planets quickly as well as allowing for the construction of the Imperial Cruiser class ship


There is a selection of ships that players are able to build as part of their naval fleet, everything from spy satellites, colonization ships required to terraform new planets and the colony ships needed to settle them and expand the players’ territory. Of equal importance is the creation of warships available to both defend your territory or expand aggressively and conquer neighbouring systems.


Web Browser


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