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Soldiers Inc - Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a free to play browser-based MMORTS where players must build up their own military base in the land of Zandia in an attempt to claim valuable minerals whilst competing with rival private armies and militarised companies. Construct a base, train up your units and become the top dog through trade, diplomacy and aggression. The Mobile version the name is Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.


  • Build up your own base

  • Raise a mighty army

  • Manage your own resources

  • Create alliances with other players or declaring war on them

  • Browser-based gameplay

  • Completely free to play


In 2019 you have been hired on by “The Syndicate” the shadowy Black Ops organisation that is looking to make its mark in the war-torn region of Zandia where valuable minerals have recently been discovered. Head to establish a base of operations and gain enough influence in the area to make your clients wealthy who will be off against rival companies, criminal organisations and other foreign powers looking to make their own claim on the land.


Gameplay revolves around the classic base management strategy MMO where players must compete against each other in an attempt to be ranked highly on the game’s leaderboard. Constructing a base, raising an army and gathering resources is the key to creating a functional operation, claiming territory for yourself and then looking to your rivals to see what they have to offer. Raid your enemies and destroy their defences or consider bringing them into the fold and forming an alliance where there is always strength in numbers. The core of the game is player versus player focused, however with a larger story line available players can even go up against shadowy NPC organisations and uncover the more sinister goings-on in the region.


Within the game there are three primary resources that players must learn how to efficiently manage:

  • Fuel - needed to power most of your base and you’re armoured units, without fuel you are a sitting duck in the middle of nowhere waiting to be picked off

  • Munitions – Zandia is a war-torn state and you are in the thick of it, a healthy arsenal of weapons and munitions will help you to defend what you own and take what you need

  • Rations - an army marches on its stomach and your units require rations every hour as an ongoing maintenance cost

The best commanders do not rely only on those resources they are able to create themselves but will look to other sources such as trading with friends and allies or conducting military operations to procure a rivals’ resources for yourself.


Commanders will be required to strategically manage their base, choosing each building that they wish to construct to optimise their military operation as a whole. Base buildings come in various forms is both active and passive structures, maintenance buildings, defences and more.

A passive defensive structure would be a constructions such as a wall, gate tower which will directly add to the defence bonus total of the base, which grants all defending units extra effectiveness when defending the base from attackers. Active defences are constructions such as automated gun turrets and artillery emplacements, which also add to your defence bonus will actively participate in the defence of the base like a standard unit, however unlike a normal unit turrets can be damaged and repaired to be brought back into the battle.

Other buildings will improve the rate of your resource production, using Oil Derricks to gain fuel, Munitions Factories to create munitions (both of which must be stored in a third Storage Deopt building) and Landing Zones to bring in rations for your unit maintenance. Buildings can also be upgraded, such as a Landing Zone and Air Traffic Control to increase the amount of rations that can be received into the base each hour.


Units come into different categories: defensive and offensive, were each unit has its own offensive and defensive rating to determine outcomes of battle and defines how the unit should be used (either attacking enemies or defending your own base). The number of units a player throws at an enemy is only a small effect on the result of the battle, sending hundreds of weak units might result in the loss of all the units depending on the enemies defences in comparison to sending a handful of strong units that have been strategically chosen for the attack.


Web Browser, iOS and Andorid

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