GENRE: Free to play Sandbox MMO
DEVELOPER: Radiant Worlds


SkySaga is a more modern improved spin on the classic Minecraft-style build and battle sandbox adventure where players can destroy practically everything with weapons and tools, from creatures, rocks and trees to floors and walls, giving them the full freedom to explore their environment and find hidden locations. The game focuses on three primary pillars; crafting, PVE and PVP and incorporates a more social MMO aspect to the game where players can conduct their activities solo or part of a group.


- Create your characters look
- Own your own floating island and build a fantastic base
- Gather rare resources and craft all manner of items, furniture and weapons
- Explore dynamically generated locations for a unique PVE experience
- Fight against other players in the Arena
- Complete quests and earn rewards
- Free to play


The core of the game is a sandbox adventure in that players can go where they want and do whatever they want, whether crafting keystones to open up portals to unique world finding bosses, loots and new landmarks or heading into the Arena to fight in two different PVP games. Players can come and go to their home island as they please, reshaping the land and redesigning it however they like with all manner of blocks and resources.

Players do have some progression based content through the Guilds and the NPCs that give out quests, players can level up their standing/rank within each Guild by completing quests and will also earn unique currency for that guild to buy items.


There are three guilds in the game that make the basis for the majority of the structured gameplay; the The Explorers Guild, The Settlers Guild and The Gladiators Guild, run by NPCs they will hand out specific quests that encourage a specific type of gameplay, either PVE, crafting or PVP:

The Explorers Guild – the NPCs task players with adventuring in some dangerous locations to find hidden treasures, lost locations, unique resources and facing the most fearsome monsters; players will have to journey through the Portals into dynamically generated locations so that no place it the same, exploring arctic, desert and forest conditions. Players are generally rewarded with items and gear, including powerful weapons and armor, to help them take on even greater challenges.

The Settlers Guild – this guild focuses on getting players to build, build. Build. With quests revolving around acquiring special resources from around the world, whether from creatures, dug up from blocks, or looted, players will be able to create some amazing designs on their own personal home island space and establish a base complete with forges, workbenches, furniture and more. Players are often rewarded with extra schematics to improve their homes even more.

The Gladiators Guild – this PVP focused guild charges players with competing against each other in arena battles, rewarding their skills and abilities with PVP gear to further dominate. There are two PVP games to currently play, a standard team deathmatch where two teams battle it out to earn points for kills, and Capture the Flag where teams must acquire the enemy flag and return it to their own at the other side of the map.


Combat is fairly simple and using the spacebar to jump, shift to run, and left and right mouse buttons to use the items equipped in your left and right hands; whether using a sword, firing a bow, holding a torch to light up dark areas, or having food available to replenish health. You can quickly cycle through different hotkey loadouts, switching between holding weapons, to holding mining tools, holding food, etc. so that you are prepared for all occasions. Players must keep an eye on their healthbar as they fight enemies and take damage, able to restore it with food or at a made campfire, if players die in a battle they will respawn at the initial spawn point for the zone (or at a campfire if they were able to make one) and will have to recover their body to pick up the items that were on them when they died.


OS: Windows Vista or higher
CPU: 2Ghz Dual Core Processor
RAM: 2 – 4GB (depending on preferred graphical settings)
Graphics Card: nVidia Gt220 or equivalent


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