Seven Seas Saga


Seven Seas Saga

Genre: Free to play Nautical MMORPG

Platforms: Internet Browser

Developed By: Lekool


Take to the waves in this nautical themed free to play MMO RPG that sees you as the captain of your own ship, the master of your crew and a daring sailor set to make their name upon the high seas. With wonderful graphics, casual play and a whole treasure chest of features Seven Seas Saga can also be played directly in your Internet browser.

Main Features

-          Build your own ship upgrading its structure, rooms and equipping it with cannons, armour and battering rams

-          Raise and train your crew as you embark across the ocean

-          Search out treasure and take part in quests, both weekly and daily, to earn great rewards

-          Build up your own Guild and rally together with others to create larger Associations

-          Engage in other players in PVP through a variety of systems

Ship, Captain and Crew

As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock and purchase a number of different items that can be used to deck out your ship, increasing stats, abilities and skills to make you a more fearsome opponent upon the waves.

Increase your own skills as a captain from Skill Books usually located in Pirate Lairs and increase your Navy officer rank, which will in turn give you additional attribute bonuses; the higher your rank the higher bonus, as well as giving you a larger weekly welfare.

Captain is only as strong as his crew and each of the men under you has their own skills and attributes. Using Crew skill books, each of which can only be used once, your crews’ capabilities will increase. Your crew can be hired from a tavern in any port, each of which can be put into their own cabin aboard your ship to further enhance your vessels combat power, depending on the crewman’s specialty will determine which And they should be put into.

Guilds and Associations

As long as you have reached the rank of Baronet then by talking to the local official in any port other than a capital a player can form of their own Guild at a cost of 500,000 coins. As part of a Guild members can contribute to it by donating coins and earning contribution points in the process which can be used in the Guild Exchange. These points can be used to purchase ship materials and relic items as well is the Guild leader using them to upgrade the Guild level, invest them into a port to unlock previously inaccessible goods or donate them to their Association. By investing in port around the world a Guild’s world influence will increase, which provides its members a buff, the higher your rank within the Guild the better the buff.

When a number of Guilds band together they can create an Association. The Association can be formed only by the participating Guild Presidents (Guild Leaders), and can be done so at the capital of your chosen country by talking to the King or Queen. Further investment in ports can be made by the Chairman of an Association as well as giving them the facility to launch Port Siege Battles against port occupied by other Associations.

PvP and Port Siege Battles

there are a number of different ways to engage in PVP within seven Seas saga, player versus player combat being one of the key elements of the game.

World PvP ­- at level 30 PVP functions are unlocked meaning that a player can attack of be attacked by other players when switching between peace mode and war mode. Peace mode simply means you will not accidentally attack other players, but players can still attack you

Captain Duels - players are able to check from a list of other captains, examined their combat powers and rank position and challenge them to a duel. By defeating a higher ranked captain you will take their place and earn a temporary buff in the meantime. At 17:00 PDT every day the top 100 players will be rewarded as determined by their final position, and then the round restarts

Port Siege Battles - these epic sized battles take place between two warring Associations over a single port during certain times in the day, at most an Association can face no more than two battles per day. The main purpose is to collect ore for your Association by gathering it from the Distribution Centre at the middle of the battleground and return it to your Associations’ Supply Reserve, sink enemy players’ ships and steal any ore they were carrying or sink enemy NPC guards. The first to collect 1,500,000 ore before that time runs out wins and forces the losing team to lose coin.

System Requirement

Not yet released


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