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Sentinel Heroes is a free to play turn-based MMO with RPG elements matched up with classic automated trading card game combat. Players take on the role of the Sentinel, brave heroes sworn to protect the Tree of World from the evil dragon Ozymandias. The game can be played directly in your chosen web browser (or Android Mobile browser) and does not require a client download.


  • Play as different heroes each with their own abilities

  • Complete quests to earn XP, gold and allies

  • Meet new companions that will join your group along the way

  • Fast, turn-based, automated combat

  • Browser-based

  • Free to play


The game is a mix of classic RPG where players will head from area to area meeting new NPC’s and unlocking the story revolving around the epic war between the Scourge and Sentinel. On your journey you will be able to recruit new heroes and allies to your side, threatening, learning or hiring them to join you or even resurrecting long dead heroes of legend. As players progress through the game they will engage in fast-paced combat with the various enemies and use their group to work together cooperatively to overcome any opposition.


Players will progress through different zones each of which is divided into a number of levels consisted of a different fight that they must beat in order to move on to the next. The enemies found in this level are always the same and so players can continue to adapt their strategy to try and defeat them. Each level offers up a % chance of unlocking a new ally to join your group, making your team even stronger and offering up more strategy to your formations.


Combat is completely automated once a player enters a level, once the “fight” button is pushed both the players own team and the enemy combatants will make their moves automatically. The strategy is in setting up your formation pre-battle as well as equipping your team as best you can and using appropriate combatants in the best most optimised positions. Both sides will take turns attacking until one team has no combatants left alive.

Combat itself works more like a trading card game, where players must choose their cards/fighters and position them in the battle formation made up of a 3x3 grid consisting of a front line, middle line and rear line. Some cards/fighters are best suited for different positions and others can attack multiple squares in front of them, making for a tactical battle.


Gameplay is gated through the stamina feature, where each action a player takes i.e. entering a battle, will use up one stamina. When the player no longer has stamina they are unable to continue playing until they have waited a set real-world amount of time and their stamina replenished. Alternatively players can spend real-world currency to refresh their stamina and carry on playing.


Players can fight in the arena against each other to test their PVP skills and earn prizes and points which can then be spent in the arena shop. There are lots of different weapons and items that players can purchase within the game, everything from physical attack weapons such as claws and swords or a variety of magic attack weapons using staffs and wands. Players can also purchase various clothing slots such as armour, shoes and helmets as well as access three’s to boost their abilities.


Players are able to put points into the talent tree which will increase various abilities and stats for all the heroes in your party or offer unique abilities such as allowing players to bring more than one of the same type of hero into a battle or increasing your friend limit and coin rewards for defeating friends in the arena.


Web Browser


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