SD Gundam

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


SD Gundam is based on the popular manga Gundam SEED where the SD Gundam is the “Super Deformed” spinoff in the series using a different anime style. The SD Gundam game is a free to play turn-based RPG that can be played directly through your web browser were players must collect Gundam, giant robot “mecha” or “Mobile Suits”, establish their own military base and tried to create or join the powerful guild for an ultimate battle.


- Unlock your own Gundam fighters
- Train up new pilots
- Use formations, gear, talents and strategy to defeat your enemies
- Tackle challenging instances for great rewards
- Compete in the arena against other players
- Completely free to play
- Play in your web browser without a client download


Set during the Cosmic Era, the Galaxy is filled with two different subspecies of human: those “Naturals” who originated from Earth and the “Coordinators”, genetically modified humans that live among the space colonies. The aligned space colonies created PLANT with ZAFT as their official military it was ZAFT that continuously assaulted Earth trying to steal its Mobile Suits and take control. The retaliation from Earth marked “Bloody Valentine Day”, on February 14th CE 70 Earth launched a new killer attack on Junius Seven, an agricultural satellite owned by PLANT that was completely decimated and now Earth and PLANT are in all-out open war.


The main core of the game is to collect Gundam and upgrade them to create a powerful formation, which will increase your Battle Power, used in questing, PVE instances and PVP. Players must also train up their own pilots, collect gear and increase their skills to make them more proficient in combat. Combat revolves around formation based strategy with a front, middle and rear formation which determines the order that the Gundam will receive attacks, meaning your tank type Gundam go on the front whereas your weaker defence Gundam would go on the rear.

The game has a number of access will features such as “dungeon” type instances and a PVP combat arena. Performing certain tasks such as taking part in a challenging instance will consume players “vitality”, once they have depleted their vitality they are unable to partake in many of the features and so must rest (vitality recovers one point every five minutes) or purchase vitality using real-world currency.


The giant robot mechs come in five different levels of quality (lowest to highest): C (White), B (Green), A (Blue), S (Purple) and SS (Orange), the higher the quality of the Gundam means it will have a higher Battle Power. Battle Power is important when taking on different challenges, by changing up your formations and switching around different Gundam (players can have 3 to a formation) they are able to adding stronger mechs to increase their overall group Battle Power and overcome greater challenges. Whilst fighting with your Gundam does not directly increase their level, players can train in the Evolution Chamber to level their Gundam up and increase their skills, which will in turn also increase their Battle Power.


Gundam must be accompanied by Pilots in battle, the Battle Power of a Gundam and its Pilot are calculated together, though each pilot has their own five levels of quality (A-SS) the same as a Gundam. New pilots can be recruited in the Officer School and whilst they cannot be upgraded like a Gundam they can go to the Officer Admin Centre to increase attributes and reset them when needed.


Players can try to challenge the different instances which come in a normal and a hero mode. Providing the player has enough vitality they can challenge a Normal instance unlimited times during the day, however a Hero instance can only be challenged once a day and are harder to complete but give a much greater reward such as core materials needed to upgrade skills.

Players are also able to fight against each other in the Arena, which they must register to every week if they wish to sign up for ranking, the higher ranked player can achieve the more rewards they will earn. The Military Rank recognises a players’ PVP abilities, the more battle is won in the arena the higher the players military rank, which in turn also provides extra bonuses to damage and defences.


Web Browser


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