Developer: Next Idea GmbH

Platform: Internet browsers


Romadoria is an innovative free-to-play real-time strategy MMO set in ancient Rome. Directly playable in any major browser, it offers a unique time of discovery, conquest and warfare. Players fight to gain a position of power in the kingdom, using tactical superiority to accomplish great fame throughout the known world. They send armies into huge battles and develop their capital as a model for future generations.


- Fight for a position of power in the kingdom

- Form a powerful clan with other players

- Battle against thousands of other players

- Empower your colony

- No download required

- Completely free-to-play


Players start out as the ruler and manager of a small colony without any importance situated somewhere in the provinces of the empire. At the beginning, there’s only own city that has to be developed in economic and military ways by gathering resources, doing trade and research. There’s a plethora of different buildings that can be constructed to increase the player’s power. They not only have to satisfy their population’s need, but also need to organise their defence with specific structures and troops.

Rulers may moreover invest in research to gain access to advanced technologies. Later on when having set up a powerful army, players will be able to attack other players’ colonies to expand their territory. However, it’s completely up to them to decide whether they want reign with the help of diplomacy or warfare. Either way, they have to gather enough resources to always be a step ahead of their opponents.


Romadoria features five types of resources and 21 buildings for players to collect and construct. The Villa Rustica, for example, produces food while buildings such as Insula, Atrium and Villa Urbana yield Denari, the in-game currency which is the most important resource within the game. Those coins are needed to construct buildings, to pay the troops and to do research.

Food and projectiles are resources required to participate in battles. The fifth resource is wine, which players cannot produce themselves. It functions a premium currency and has to be bought with real money or looted from other players. Wine can be traded for resources, used to shorten the construction time of buildings or to purchase a specific building that grants several advantages.

A market place in their colony allows players to trade resources with each other in order to increase their riches and to obtain resources needed for warfare.


Research is an essential aspect in order to further develop the colony and build up a powerful army. To be able to do research, players have to construct an academy which enables them to get access to new military units and advanced buildings types.


Romadoria players need a large and powerful army to defend their colony as well as to conquer other players and expand their empire. The fort is the place where new troops are trained while the siege workshop produces equipment needed to attack defensive structures. Players may even run a breeding farm for elephants to use them in battle.

With a wide array of available units such as gladius men, broadswordmen or war elephants, players are able to attack others to conquer their buildings and colonies. However, it’s absolutely possible to form alliances or a clan to support each other in attacks as well as in defence. With cunning and strategy, players gain victories to climb up the rankings.


Internet browser


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