GENRE: Free to play Build & Play MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Roblox Corporation


Roblox is a free to play MMO that can be access through the games official website where players can choose from thousands of community created games and play directly in their browser after downloading the official launcher programme. Players have full access over thousands of different blocks, items and scripting elements that they can use to create their own unique games, from which they are able to share them with the community and earn points and in game currency with them.


- Create your own game
- Design levels from thousands of items and block designs
- Play thousands of games from all different genres and themes
- Customise your own character with a huge selection of clothing items, decals and more
- Create items, audio, graphics and sell them in the game store
- Free to play


Roblox fundamentally breaks down into two different types of game, firstly a construction/building game for those players that wish to play at being game developers using the built-in tools and extensive wiki help players script and design their own games and the world’s that they are played in. From here players can share them on the community website, even creating ads to advertise them to other players.

For those that don’t like to design games they can simply play them, searching through a variety of different genres there is little something for everyone with hundreds of thousands of players connected to the community and thousands of players playing each game all the different servers.


The types of games that users can play in Roblox are extremely varied, everything from unique racing games using a variety of different vehicles, classic RPG and adventure games, numerous sport themed games, FPS shooters from military, futuristic and fantasy themed and many, many more.

Some of the games even take off the popular franchise/IP settings such as Super Mario, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty among others, recreating their own games using these themes. Joining the game can be easier and players simply look through the vast library of available games and are able to filter them out by their own personal preferences.


Every player has their own identity, complete with a personal profile which lists all their creations, achievements, badges and acquired items and gear that they have acquired or purchased from the game store. Users are able to purchase items from the game Catalog using the in game currency known as “Robux”, which can be earned either through players purchasing your creations, playing on your games or by signing up as a member in the Builders Club. Each player’s individual character can be dressed up with a variety of different clothing items from hats, accessories, T-shirts and pants as well as equipping them with new faces, weapons and other items from the extensive, ever-growing list of items added to the game by both players and the developers. Some items are unique and limited edition, so collecting gear almost becomes a secondary meta game is people can display them in their profiles.


Players have the option of playing Roblox for free where they can access all the available games within the library as well as making their own creations and uploading them for other players to check out. However, there is a premium membership option known as the Builders Club that players are able to join, with various levels/tiers that can be purchased and offer extra boosts and upgrades (including a daily allowance of Robux to spend in the shop) and additional locations, groups and more. Players can purchase their membership each month, every six months, once a year or simply pay for a single lifetime membership.

Builders Club members are also able to trade Ltd items using the trade system, which gives some handy tips such as the Recent Average Price (RAP) of an item, joining trading groups and other ways to become a keen and savvy trader within the game try to find great deals.

As well as Robux players can also earn a secondary currency known as tickets or more commonly referred to as “tix”, by logging into the game daily and encouraging other players to visit their place. This currency can be used to purchase items from the catalog as well as purchasing advertisements, used to entice players to check out your locations and items available in the catalog.


Web Browser


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