Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Developer: UQEE

Platform: Internet browser/ iOS/ Android


Rage of 3 Kingdoms (R3K) is a free-to-play, browser-based military strategy MMO game that thrusts players back in time into the Three Kingdoms Era of ancient China, where they relive unadulterated political conflict and military skirmishes. They develop their kingdom to provide the necessary resources to build their military might. Engaging in exciting land and sea missions to take control of the land, they try to achieve world dominance to become the greatest ruler of all time.


- In-depth city development & resource management

- Over 600 legendary generals to recruit

- More than 100 special abilities and units to develop

- Tactical warfare with engaging land & sea battles

- Comprehensive Clan system

- Playable for free on browser, iOS and Android devices


Developing their city into a thriving metropolis is preliminary for players to be able to build their military might. The game provides a large number of buildings players are able to construct to gain resources, produce goods, do trade and research, train generals, recruit troops, etc.

The town hall is the most important building which represents the player’s level and determines the maximum level of all other buildings. It is here where players can manage every aspect of their city. Other building types include, for example, cottages, workshops, barracks, a market, a pagoda, a bank and many more. All buildings can be upgraded in order to increase their capacity.


The game features five different types of important resources which include the following:


Fame is used to recruit certain generals and promote titles, which provides players with an additional attack and defence bonus. It is gained by invading other players’ kingdoms, investing silver into city development, and exchanging merits.


Merit is required for training generals, motivation in Pagoda Infiltration, etc. It can be gained by winning battles, participating in arena fights, through the tavern chat, levy event or patrol system and daily quests.


Silver is the main currency in R3K used to level up the city infrastructure, upgrade equipment, buy certain gear in the shop, etc. Players gain silver for completing quests, achievements and events, occupying silver mines, selling items at the shop, conquering vassals and so on.


Gold functions as premium currency that can be used to instantly finish cooldown times, add training or warehouse slots, refresh army type, etc. It must be purchased but can also be gained by unlocking achievements in each map and through random events such as taxation, patrol, tavern chat, etc.

Battle Order

Without Battle Orders players are unable to perform any attack. They are automatically gained every half an hour, but can additionally be obtained by upgrading your town hall, hunting or purchased with gold.


Players are able to recruit more than 600 legendary generals they may train, equip with items and allocate units to. Training at the training centre in town increases the generals’ skills allowing them to level up. When using merits or gold in training, generals will gain extra bonus experience. Navy training, which is done at the naval camp, is similar to normal army training but ten times harder.

General abilities can be further enhanced by using scared souls which come in four types: Turtle Soul (increases defence), Tiger Soul (increases piercing skills defensive), Dragon Soul (increases attack power), and Phoenix Soul (increases army size). When reaching level 60, generals gain the ability of rebirth allowing them to increase their stats with every rebirth that may take place every 5 levels.


R3K features a huge amount of different unit types that not only have their own strengths and weaknesses but can also be upgraded and specialised into several subtypes to improve their skills and efficiency.

Swordsmen, spearmen, riders, archers, and tacticians make up the basic army units, each of which opens up two more advanced units when being levelled up. There are a total of five levels to be gained. While level 3 and 4 give access to two new subtypes for each advanced unit, level 5 will turn each unit into its most powerful version. A level 5 army consists of the incredible amount of 40 specialised units, including artillery, pegasi, executors, sable knights, hexers, divas, sky magus, etc.


Rage of 3 Kingdoms allows players to equip their generals with multiple types of equipment. It can be categorised as weapons (increase physical attack), armour (increases physical defence), horses (increase combat attack), cloaks (increase combat defence), scriptures (increase strategic attack), shields (increases strategic defence), and artefacts (increase army size). All items come in seven grades – white, green, blue, yellow, red, purple, gold – and can be upgraded to make them more powerful. Item upgrades require silver to be completed and have a certain chance of failure. However, players can decide to pay gold to have a 100% success rate.


There’s a plethora of different wars ranging in the game. Regarding PvE, players can participate in land and sea scenario campaigns to earn rewards. Generals they encounter and manage to defeat during those scenarios will join their courses.

The game’s PvP aspect also offers different battles for players fight in: Clan members, for example, are able to occupy farms and silver mines scattered on the world map to gain battle resource, food and silver respectively, which will strengthen their clan. Invading battles allow attacking other players belonging to rival kingdoms to gain fame while the vassal conquering modus enables the attacker to turn the opponent into their vassal and impose a silver taxation upon their town. In addition, an arena cup is held three times a day in which players can either challenge others in combat or bet on the combatants to earn rewards. The first round sees 64 participants fighting it out in elimination duels; the winner of each duel will enter the next round until one champion is determined in the final.

R3K moreover features several other combat modes such as nation war, city war, throne war, pillage war, and so on.


The marriage features provides players with the opportunity to marry a female NPC to start a family. In the first phase, players start visiting ladies which offer different boosts when becoming the player’s confidant. They have to talk to their chosen lady for several times to reach certain closeness before she will turn into a confidant and may receive gifts and later on a marriage proposal in phase two. Upon becoming the player’s wife, the lady grants even greater boosts to their player’s abilities on the battlefield. There’s also a chance that gifting triggers a pregnancy from which a child will be born. The third phase is dedicated to the child’s coaching. Players may select one of their generals to nurture and coach the child to become a powerful general one day.


Web browser

Internet connection


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