Poney Vallee


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


 This pony breeding MMO has been around for over six years, accumulated a reported 350,000+ players and has now gone through a revamp and redesign adding more gameplay and interactivity. The game can be played for free, with premium currency options available, and can be accessed directly through your internet browser meaning no need for a client download.


-          Breed your own ponies

-          8 Pony races, eg. air, fire, love, feline, earth, etc.

-          Customize and personalize them to your own style

-          Breed them and create baby foals

-          Manage your own stable

-          Regular updates

-          Free to play

-          Browser base with no client download


Players get to breed and raise their own ponies, customize them by adding their own personal touch and then breed them to continue your pony’s lineage where the offspring gains the traits and characteristics of both parents!


The most original thing about the game is that players are able to personalize their ponies with a variety of cosmetic options, everything from different coats, sparkling manes, glittery hooves, wings, tattoos and jewellery. These different traits enable you to create a completely unique pony of your own where players can vote on different breeders’ ponies and improve their ranking to see who is the best breeder and the most beautiful looking pony. Each week new traits and customization options are added to the game creating a never ending list of possibilities.

When a new baby is born from your created parent ponies you are able to give it its own name, date of birth and gender.


One of the first steps in the game is for a player to build their own barn which is used to stable your own ponies. Once this is done players are able to tend to their ponies by brushing them and feeding them. To feed your pony players are required to build a farm that can grow horse feed to keep your ponies well fed, creating a type of mini-game with a farming/growing feature.


As with many social games players are able to interact with each other in the new and improved version of the game, using a variety of chat means such as instant messaging, gift sending, marriage and more! With all these collaborative systems in place players keeping connected and in touch has never been easier and creates an extremely close and helpful community of players that interact through the official forums.


Players can level up their ponies, which they will advance from being a small baby pony into larger adult ponies, as well as levelling up their own character. By performing different missions/tasks such as constructing buildings and feeding your ponies players gain XP and coins to spend in the store, where they can purchase all types of items for their pets.


 Web Browser



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