Pockie Kingdom

GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Pockie Kingdom is a free to play web-based horizontal strategy set in the European Middle Ages where players get to play from one of eight different classes, raise up an army of soldiers and expand their own kingdom through trade, diplomacy and conquest. With a variety of features and numerous combat systems this colourful animal has lots to offer.


- Build up your own Empire
- Recruit powerful heroes
- Raise a mighty army of soldiers
- Learn to craft and trade
- Compete in challenging PVP
- Exciting strategy and combat
- Free to play


Centuries ago a war was launched against the gods by the dark God Lagasse when heaven’s World Stone was lost. During the war many Guardian Angels were destroyed and the gods themselves were on the verge of defeat as Lagasse power only grew stronger and stronger. It was not until the intervention of Eason, the Justice Angel, who sacrificed himself to seal the dark God within a crystal crown which was then watched over by 12 supreme guardians and thus peace was restored to the heavens and the earth once more.


In the game players must recruit new Heroes into their personal army, construct buildings to advance their Empire, create alliances with other players or declare war to destroy them from good. Using a variety of management and strategy systems such as earning new equipment to improve your hero and the troops they lead players will level up and grow more powerful whilst unlocking new features the more they progress in the game.


The heroes in Pockie Kingdom fall into eight different classes, as determined by their abilities and combat styles, which when arranged in specific formations can easily give advantage to a player on the battlefield. Heroes come in a variety of different qualities with their own skills and level, the higher quality heroes will have a much better set of skills than lower quality heroes, and may also have more skills available. Heroes are responsible for leading Soldiers of the same type, each soldier can be levelled up by spending Souls to advance a unit and increase its stats, thereby also raising the Kings level.

Heroes and Soldiers are unlocked as players level up and advance through the game.

Swordsman - these front line melee combatants have strong defences, a high level of hit points and are able to soak up a lot of the incoming damage

Archer - these long ranged high crit bowmen can deal out the highest amounts of damage to any single target, but are lacking in defences and rely on the protection of swordsmen troops

Lancer - particularly skilled at close range attacks they are able to take on the entire groups of enemies and specialise in breaking up and enemies battle array

Cavalier - with an increased movement and attack speed they are able to charge into battle and knock back the enemy units, helping to suppress the opposition troops

Assassin - the stealthy heroes are best used for infiltrating and penetrating the enemy front line to gain access to weaker heroes such as archers and mages, taking advantage of their low defences

Mage - in possession of a number of different survival and control skills, they cast powerful magic from a distance upon groups of enemies including deadly ice magic to freeze their opponents

Giant Maceman - a worthy off-tank after the swordsman, they come equipped with various stun attacks and can handle themselves against a larger number of enemies

Artillery - exceptional at area attacks, particularly a split attack, when an enemy’s hit it can trigger an explosion making them extremely proficient against enemies that are on the ground


One of the key features to the game and how players will earn money by producing and trading various items with other players, requiring a strong economy for the players’ kingdom. There are eight different shops available to build in the Castle, six normal shops and two gold shops, the normal shops are on locked when certain quests have been completed and the two gold shops unlocked once all the normal shops have been placed. Players must pay gold to unlock their shops, choosing between the various shops styles: Fruit Store, Bakery, Ham Store, Furniture Store, Toggery, Tools Store, Silverware Store and Gems Store.


Players typically earn silver when playing the game which is used for a number of in game features such as constructing buildings, training troops and recruiting heroes, as well as purchasing gear from the shop. Players can also use gold, the games premium currency, which if used to purchase equipment will give a higher quality item than those items requiring silver; some features and items can only be purchased with gold.


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