Pocket Starships

Pocket Starships

GENRE: Free to play Space Shooter
PLATFORM: Web Browser and Mobile Devices
DEVELOPER: Spectacle Games Inc.


Pocket Starships puts players in the cockpits of their own space vessels, flying around a distant galaxy as a member of a mighty faction battling for supremacy of the various systems that make up the pocket galaxy. Accessible on either web browsers or from your mobile device, Pocket Starships is a game that you can play whilst on the go, easy to pick up and play, and offers some fun combat action.


- Build and control your own starship
- Produce and equip different gear and consumables
- Join a faction and fight in PVP territory battles
- NPCs and quests
- Cross-platform compatibility
- Free to play
- Browser, iOS and Android


The core focus of the game is to continuously level up your ship and equipment to become as powerful as possible and engage in PVP battles with the opposing faction members trying to take over territories and ultimately the galaxy. By taking territories and having access to resources players can get involved in the detailed crafting element of the game where they produce everything from their ships to their missiles and other consumables. The game has simple controls optimal for both browser and mobile play, with intuitive menus to navigate the various game options and crafting features. Whilst the game is free to play players do have the option of purchasing the premium Solar currency, which can be used to more quickly upgrade items and ships to make them more powerful.


Using your factions home space station players can craft a variety of things, including a variety of different class ships, ranging from more tanky heavy armored craft, to damage focused and even healing support ships. Unlocking the blueprints to construct a ship requires reaching a high enough account level and then acquiring the necessary resources to build it.

Once built, every ship needs kitting out with on board supplies including repair kits, energy cells, missiles and even nukes! These consumables require resources and time to construct; not every ship can have any items equipped to it, so players must balance their wants between the available craft. With a ship that is viable for a specific module, weapon or item, players will generally need to upgrade the ship to unlock the ability to install this gear.


Ships and gear can all be upgraded to improve its quality, in the faction home space station players can access the various ships and items and choose to upgrade the blueprints that create them, with different tiers that increase their power. To upgrade anything in the game players must have specific keys/items that are looted from enemies; when ships are upgraded they are able to equip new items and gear.


With two teams the galaxy is divided into dozens of connecting territories that make up the playable map, the factions control their own territory at each side of the map and can individually take over the middle portion of the map for PVP, the Pocket Galaxy. To take a territory a player, or Fightgroup (automatically connected group of players) can head into a new zone through the galaxy teleporters and must destroy the enemy factions outpost station; once destroyed the team must rebuild it and then protect it from the enemy who will try to counter-attack. The game provides players with Alerts letting them know which areas are being attacked or which areas are looking for members of a Fightgroup.

PVE consists mostly of taking quests to defend an outpost building from wave after wave of pirate NPC enemies; with each wave the enemies get stronger and so players will need powerful ships and typically a helping hand from other players.


Players can either earn Solar premium currency through some high level features, gift boxes and other means or they can purchase it with real money. The major benefits to Solar is that it allows players to upgrade their gear more quickly than they would be able to normally; Solar is used to speed up production times from hours and minutes to instantly completing them. Alternatively, in the case of upgrades, if players are missing the necessary items to upgrade then they can purchase them with Solar.


Web Browser, iOS or Android


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