Odin Quest


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Odin Quest is a free to play browser based isometric view MMORPG based around Nordic mythology where players take on the role of might heroes setting off on exciting adventures. Discover new lands and travel to new worlds, meet mysterious and exotic people and battle dangerous and deadly monsters.


-          Free to Play
-          Browser Based
-          Casual gameplay
-          Nordic mythology fantasy setting
-          Earn lots of rewards by playing the game
-          Earn your own pets and level them up to help you in combat
-          Automated features so that you don’t even need to play the game


There are five different classes that players can choose from, each offering a different style of play depending on the players’ preferences.

Warrior – Good at physical attack, high stamina
Mage – Good at magiuc attack, AOE and supporting skills
Priest – Good at supporting skills, helps recover teammates
Hunter – Good at multi-target attacks, high accuracy
Assassin – High single-target DPS and crit rate


Players can discover and earn their own pets through playing the game, your first pet gained very early on as a quest reward. Pets come with their own graphic that will follow you around in game when dispatched, and each has their own character sheet.

Pets have their own levels which can be increased as they gain XP, as they do so they will increase various stats to improve their combat efficiency such as: Attack, HP, MMP, Accuracy, Dodge, Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Pets also have their own talents and Pet Skills that can be purchased from a shop (in the form of a scroll). Pets even have their own name that they player can rename themselves!


Players can use the automated functions built into the game to make playing considerably easier:

Auto-Run: With a click in your quest log characters will automatically run to the necessary location to complete a quest.

Auto-Attack: Players don’t even need to target monsters, clicking a button will make them continuously attack the monsters required for completing your quest.

Auto-Potions: Load up potions on your character and they will automatically be used as soon as they are needed.

AFK Mode: Players don’t even need to be sat at their computer to play. With AFK mode the character will automatically farm any creatures that need killing, particularly useful for the constant quests that require killing hundreds of the same creature.


Players can learn new skills with a quick click of their skill button as they receive skill points. Skills have various level requirements as well as a number of skill points needed to learn the skill.


Portals will instantly teleport you around the world to various instanced based areas to complete quests. Players have an automated feature in their quest log that they can click that will auto-run them to the location of their quest objective meaning players don’t have to wander around for hours lost trying to find where they need to go.


Players are constantly given rewards whilst playing, typically from NPCs when a player hands in a quest (and also gaining EXP at the same time) or from actual mobs and bosses that are killed in dungeons. Players can also take part in various Server Events which run for a few days at a time and encourage players to involve themselves in friendly competition where the best competitors earn valuable prizes to help them in the game.

As part of the GUI there are icons with timers on them that signify when a reward can next be earned, by clicking the item the player instantly receives a random item such a potion, weapon or other useful item. Once claimed the timer starts again, encouraging players to stay in game to keep claiming their free rewards.

As well as this players are able to share the game over Facebook once every 24 hours, which sends out an invitation to a players Facebook friends asking them to play. When a player shares this invitation they receive 10 coupons as a reward for their efforts.


Web Browser



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