GENRE: Buy 2 Play FPS Survival MMO


Nether is a survival first person shooter MMORPG set in a post-apocalypse city in and not too distant future where the Earth has been struck by a disaster that has left the world’s civilisations in ruins and now all that is left are the survivors that remain and the deadly relentless hunters but stock them… the Nethers.


- Action RPG survival MMO
- Story driven content with exciting PVP and PVE
- Players can customise their characters’ skills and gear to give them the best surviving chance
- A huge city to explore including inside high-rise structures
- Fight off the threat of the Nethers
- Band together with other survivors in a tribe or fight against them trusting only yourself
- No subscriptions or in-game transactions.


It has been nine years since solar flares began and the largest of them that changed the world forever. From that cosmic blast changes in specific individuals with an anomaly in their DNA began to show, mutating and devolving them into dark mindless beasts that have in time been called the Nethers. Civilisation has been brought to its knees where men women and children fight off these creatures, a deadly plague on the world, as well as fighting off the greatest of all monsters… each other. Some travel has lone wolves heading from place to place and taking what they can, other so found refuge and sanctuary banding together as a Tribe, but all know the only ones that will find any peace are those that finally meet their end.


This adrenaline rush of an action MMO has turned a typical urban landscape into a battle for survival, an unforgiving locale where every decision and action taken could mean life or death. Players must do what it takes to survive; scavenge, hunt, loot, steal and kill. With threats hidden down every alley, atop every rooftop, from desolate streets to sprawling high rise buildings there’s no escaping the teleporting Nethers or those opportunist survivors looking to acquire an item or two when your guard is down.


There are two types of people in this inhospitable world; those who travel in numbers and the dead. Soon after the fall of civilisation did small pockets of survivors start to band together creating their own self-governing tribes and staking a claim on their own territories. Controlling specific vantage points to give the heads up on the movement of their enemies, both the Nethers and rival tribes, a constant state of conflict has arisen between warring tribes of survivors battling for key territories.

Those Tribes who control territory have a say on the player economy and its market prices, the mission objectives in that location as well as being able to form their own social hierarchy and truly leading. Anyone aligning themselves to a tribe with have access to valuable rewards to give them more beneficial offensive and defensive skills as well as increasing the amount of loot and cash that drops from enemies and more space in their infantry to store these items.


The world itself is made up of around 700 blocks, which will be added to the larger game world incrementally and the world map updated according the. The city offers a collection of open Street external environments filled with floods of Nethers, close quarters back alleyways useful for a quick escape or an ambush, and a whole host of accessible buildings from small shops to larger high-rise buildings where height can give an advantage of combat against those on the ground offering up a high level of strategy in battle.

Around the city are various safe zones with shops to purchase goods and accessories, however these zones are only governed by men’s laws and whilst many women may agree to follow them and bring no conflicts into these havens the Nethers do not follow such rules. Regular attacks on the areas will show how tentative and fragile their “safety” is and only by successfully defending location and players retain this saves own otherwise it will fall to the Nethers.


Each player has a number of character slots that can be customised with a variety of items and skills, levelling up a skill is done through XP earned by fighting off AI and players whilst completing challenging missions. Part of the survival mode of Nether will require players to monitor their health, stamina and hunger to ensure they stay alive.




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