Naruto Saga

Naruto Saga

Developer: IceGames Co., Ltd.

Platform: Internet browsers


Naruto Saga is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG set in the universe of the popular anime series Naruto. With three ninja genres, its instinctive gameplay and fantastic ninjutsu, this ninja-themed title promises to deliver a unique breathtaking game experience.


- Three ninja genres to choose from

- Instinctive gameplay

- Dynamic quest system

- Powerful beast summoning

- Mysterious ninja transformation

- No download required

- Completely free-to-play


Naruto Saga allows players to choose one of three available ninja classes after completing their first quest in game:


Ninjutsu characters are proficient in crit allowing them to deal extra damage to their enemies. Their strike talent restricts Taijutsu ninjas’ blocks.


The Taijutsu ninja’s proficiency in block enables them to considerably reduce the damage taken. Their hit talent restricts Genjutsu ninjas' dodge.


Genjutsu fighters are highly proficient in dodge allowing them to avoid any damage. Their tenacity talent restricts Ninjutsu ninjas’ strikes.


The Eight Gates are a key element in Naruto Saga that let players open one gate every 10 levels in order to gain attribute boosts. The first gate, Gate of Opening, will be activated automatically and grant a HP boost when a specific level is reached. Afterwards, players are free to select one of the following gates to gain specific stat boosts: Gate of Healing (boosts all SG ATK), Gate of Life (boosts S ATK), Gate of Pain (boosts Crit), Gate of Limit (boosts DOD), Gate of View (boosts Block), Gate of Wonder (boosts SPD), and Gate of Death (boosts Chakra).

In order to increase the gate level, players have to generate energy by smelting crystals and spars. Spars come in 5 ranks granting more energy the higher their rank.


Every ninja in the game has their own unique skill. To get battle achievements brought by different skills, players need to transform to one of the ten additional characters Naruto Saga provides. Once certain levels are reached, different characters that player may wish to transform to are unlocked. These transformations can give extra attribute bonus to all the partners.


Instead of usual pets, Naruto Saga features spiritual beasts that will be available to players when the required levels are reached. These cute beasts can be summoned to join the character in battle. While being unable to attack, they add to the following attributes of their master: attack, HP, and speed.

To make their beasts even more powerful, players are able to increase their summoning levels.


Naruto Saga adopts turn-based 1v1 combat, allowing each side to have up to three partners on the formation and battle one on one. Each partner has four active and two passive skills that are automatically used by pressing the related key and should be wisely used in the battle.

The arena is the place where players can demonstrate their ninjutsu prowess by challenging others to combat. There are different battle modes to choose from:

Arena Match

In this mode which uses ladder rules, players are pit against other of a similar point rating. Vanquishing the opponent grants a certain amount of points while being defeated during the fight results in losing some points. The amount of points determines the title awarded to the player, ranging from Student to Legendary Ninja. Titles also provide attribute bonuses.


Players can accept a bounty quest every day that will require them to defeat the player who is randomly matched by the system, being equal in strength. For successfully completing this mission, they will obtain lush rewards.


The game offers players the opportunity to create their own thriving farm where they can grow the Summoning Fruit which can be used to upgrade spiritual beasts. They will have to plant, water, weed, and contain insect pests before being able to harvest. When players are able to cope with all occurring issues in time, their farm will be upgraded, providing them with additional plots.


Internet browser

Internet connection


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