MU Classic

MU Classic

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


MU Classic lets players to step into the shoes of a rising hero in the land fallen to chaos, embarking on their own epic journey players will rise as one of five different classes of hero in a bid to save the world. Filled with a huge variety of features that cover character customisation, gear acquisition, PVE challenges and PVP content there is something for everyone in this story driven quest-based free to play RPG. MU Classic does not require a game client download and after an account registration can be accessed through your Internet browser.


- Five unique classes available to play
- A vast world to discover and explore
- Earn items, weapons and artefacts to increase your power
- Take on the most challenging PVE events
- Compete against other real world players in hard-core PVP
- Free to play MMO
- Browser-based gameplay


The MU continent has fallen under the threat of a rising Demon army, after years of prosperity living in peace the people of the realm group content in their harmony and then need to protect themselves have seemingly disappeared with no threats to their peace. Ill prepared for the invasion that was to follow humans and scattered across the continent, only able to find safe refuge within the towns and cities that Demon are unable to enter. Now heroes must answer the call and try to drive back the invasion and return peace back to the continent and its people.


MU Classic falls a traditional RPG style where players take on the role as the main protagonist, choosing from five different classes, and must advance through a quest driven story as they meet new characters, acquire more powerful gear and gain XP to level up. As players gain levels they will gain access to new areas as well as the features that typically accompany them ranging from PVP to PVE content, each event often having its own unique rewards.


There are five playable classes in MU Classic:

Blade Knight - using his sword and physical prowess the Blade Knight is a heavy hitting combatant focusing on melee and is able to utilise either his strength for more powerful attacks or agility to increase his speed

Muse Elf - keeping their distance from their enemies the Muse Elf focuses on ranged bow attacks and eliminating their enemies at long range, they are also gifted with healing and summoning magic making them considerably more versatile in battle

Soul Master - gifted in the magic arts the Soul Master can harness powerful spells to devastating effects on the battlefield as they destroy their enemies from a distance, with their range of spells they can also be strong support companions

Magic Gladiator - a blend of martial competency and magic ability they use both the sword and spell when in battle making them an extremely dangerous opponent and at times extremely unpredictable. The Magic Gladiator is only available to higher ranked players that have unlocked the class.

Darklord - this ominous figure is a terror to behold, appearing atop his summoned Dark Horse with his Dark Raven companion at hand many will flee at the sight of the Darklord, one of the most powerful and dangerous figures to the battlefield. The Darklord can only be unlocked by high level players.


Players will focus their time trying to acquire powerful armour, weapons and items to improve their abilities and stats in the game. Looted from a variety of events, monsters and Bosses many items can be further improved and upgraded to make them even more powerful.


The primary content in the game is PVE focused with many of the quests tasking players to defeat particular enemies and Instance Bosses to earn quest rewards. There are a range of World Bosses that appear at certain times during the day that can also be tackled by players to earn even greater rewards.


PVP also features a very highly in the game, players can team up with their Guild mates in the Castle Siege where Guilds will go head-to-head to defend or attack a Castle and earn prizes if successful. There is also optional open world PVP available where players can flat themselves for combat, making them open to attacks at any point.


Web Browser


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