Monster Madness Online

GENRE: Free to play Shooter MMORPG
PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / Linux / Browser / Android / iOS
DEVELOPER: Trendy Entertainment / Nom Nom Games


Monster Madness Online is a free to play cooperative shooter that features an extensive P VE campaign and an exciting and fast-paced PVP mode. With high levels of individual customisation you can equip your characters loadouts, level them up to raise their personal stats to take the battle to the evil extra-terrestrials that of invaded Earth.


- MMO RPG action shooter playable in first person third person and top-down isometric view
- Fight your way through waves of mobs using weapons and high explosives
- Take down zombies, werewolves, aliens and more in this action packed game
- Cross platform availability from different systems and devices
- Variety of PVE and PVP game modes
- Customise characters with weapons and gear
- Host your own games
- Create your own levels through Steams’ workshop


The game’s first and foremost an action RPG shooter but players have the choice of playing in PVE or PVP mode, either way players will run around the comic style environment using their terse to shoot at waves of enemies that appear in their hundreds and take on many different forms. Players are able to switch between 1st  person, 3rd person and an isometric top-down view mode, which is no doubt best used for mobile and tablet devices, but is still accessible in the PC version. Through gameplay players will collect a number of items, weapons schematics, coins and XP to further improve their characters.


The city of suburbia has fallen under the attack of an alien invasion, using the mystical power of the monster tokens these malign Martians have abducted all towns adults into the void in preparation for unleashing and monster onslaught. What they haven’t prepared for was the inability for the monster tokens to affect any residents under 18!

Now suburbia and the fate of its abducted residents falls to a small band of high school students, fighting block by block towards the enemy mothership.. and maybe beyond.


There are four base characters that players can choose from: Zack Fowler (The Nerd), Jennifer Sweeney (The Cheerleader), Andy Gomez (The Skater Dude) and Carrie Rossenberg (The Goth). Players can individually customise each of these characters from hundreds of different items including cosmetic clothing, headwear, T-shirts, where they can even dye them in different colours. Also players can loot, craft and trade various practical items such as armour and weapons that will appear on your character as they are equipped.

Each character starts at level 1 and as you play you will earn XP to level them up, each time being able to put extra points into the various stats for your character including attack power, stamina, ranged attack, health, recovery, armour, max weight and more to make your character to a template that best suits your style of play.


Players are able to hotseat into the PVE campaign, starting from the initial streets players must work as a team of 4 to fight their way through the different zones, surviving the waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Each player has their own health and currently when they die there is no way for them to be resurrected, if all the players die in a zone then the game is over. However, depending on the level, once the remaining team members have survived for a certain amount of time they can reach the extra action point to move onto the next level; as long as one player survives that all the players return for the next zone. Players will face over 70 different types of enemies, including bosses and minibosses and are also able to drive around the streets in 10 different vehicles.


Players can compete in team based PVP modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Monster Hunter and King of the Hill in battles that promise up to 16 players per battleground.


Using a map editor tool players will be able to make their own maps which can be shared with the community and ranked through the Steam Workshop. In the future plans are in place to have players be able to play off-line in a LAN mode and online hosting their own servers.


Currently Unknown


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