Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms

Platform: Web browser


Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms is a free to play 2D strategy MMO for internet browsers based on the Might and Magic franchise.
The game blends traditional strategy elements with in-depth hero customization.


Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms is set during a time of chaos, just after the Dark Messiah cycle. Urgash has been freed from his prison and the demons reign over Ashan. The six elemental dragons, sons and daughters of Asha, have disappeared. Guided by a prophetess, the players and their allies will have to form an alliance in order to reclaim the tears of Asha and try to prevent the whole world from falling into chaos.


Different game worlds are available, each of which can hold a limited number of players. Each game world consists of a tiled map of regions. Players choose a game world to play on and each is given control of a city within one of the regions. Four of these zones contain mines which provide resources to the city while others are open ground. Each zone in a newly acquired region is populated with an army of NPC troops which must be defeated before mined resources can be collected or before buildings can be constructed on the open ground.


Players can choose between five races: Haven, Academy, Necropolis, Inferno, and Sylvan. Each race has different skills in combat and magic and requires different rare resources for their respective structures and troops.

The nation of Haven is a feudal Holy Empire protected by medieval knights, monks and "Angelic" elite troops. Haven has a very strong military but limited access to the magic schools of Light and Darkness.

The Academy is composed of human wizards, with their spirit servants and animated constructs. They are proud seekers of knowledge, and subjugators of the natural order. Their power relies heavily on light and summoning magic.

Demons are the embodiment of Chaos. They believe that the only meaningful moral value is individual freedom. They kill because they can, or want to. Their armies are powerful, ravaging countrysides, sometimes with the help of spells from the schools of Darkness and Destruction.

Necromancers began as a splinter sect of the Wizards, before growing into a powerful nation worshipping the Deathly aspect of Asha. Their armies may seem weak but they are aided by the spells of the Schools of Summoning and Darkness.

Graceful and patient souls who live in close harmony with the earth. Distrustful of machinery and cities, they keep to their ancient ways and ally with others only rarely. Sylvan units are powerful but get a limited help from destruction and summoning magic.


The city houses a hero character and the player's troops. Structures can be built within the city to enable the hiring of new heroes, the training of additional troops, the researching of spells, and to provide other bonuses. Heroes can lead troops into battle, can improve mines and construct buildings in the zones surrounding a city, and can establish new cities in other regions. They gain experience points from performing these actions and, as they level up, can learn trades and skills to boost their performance in battle or the city's economy.


The economy of the game requires the collection of gold, common resources (ore and wood) and rare resources (mercury, crystals, sulfur and gems). Gold is used to recruit and maintain heroes and troops, and to pay for structures and buildings. Common resources are required to build basic city structures. Rare resources are required for specialist and magical structures and to recruit high level troops. Since each city has only four mines, other resource-types must be purchased or looted. Trades can be made with other players or with an NPC merchant. As players establish new cities in regions with a different set of four mines, they become increasingly self-sufficient.


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