Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

: Gazillion Entertainment
Platform: Internet browser


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is a free-to-play browser-based casual MMO that invites a younger audience to team up with friends to explore colourful interactive environments, collect thousands of items on exciting missions and play with a huge array of iconic heroes from Spider-Man to Wolverine, Thor and Captain America. Players moreover have their own customisable headquarters and are able to participate in arcade games including a fun and addictive Marvel card game.


- Colourful interactive environments across four zones

- Persistent world of iconic Marvel locations

- Currently 138 playable characters

- More than 30 exciting missions

- Customisable player headquarters

- Plethora of activities and arcade games including a collectible card game


The persistent game world is comprised of four zones that include iconic Marvel locations such as Daily Bugle, BaxterPlaza, Villainville and Asgard. Colourful interactive environments wait for being visited and explored by players.


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online offers an enormous roster of playable characters for players to collect and form their own squad with. This selection currently includes more than 85 super heroes and villains such as Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Captain America, Wolverine and Hulk, most of them not only in their classic version but also in several additional incarnations. Developers keep constantly adding new characters.

Heroes are depicted in a highly stylised way but stay true to the Marvel franchise. When being played, they increase not only their power in combat, but also unlock animated emotes for use in the social game world zones.


The title features more than 30 missions in a beat 'em up style where players must defeat a massive amount of enemies to reach the final boss. A limited amount of them is accessible for free; the rest is blocked, but can be unlocked with game currency or real money. The selection of free missions is rotated on a daily basis.

Players can undertake missions on their own or group up with others to defeat the enemies. Battles require some thought and tactics and sometimes coordination to be successful.


The game provides players with their own headquarters which are completely customisable. They can be painted, furnished and decorated with items bought from the cash shop or won with the ticket prize wheel. The Squad’s Headquarters doesn’t have any purpose other than being the place where all the player’s heroes are hanging out when not on missions. Players may feed their heroes there and kept them entertained with all sort of toys and more.


Marvel Super Hero Squad sports an in-depth collectible card game implemented to kept players entertained for hours. At the beginning, players receive a basic selection of cards, but can obtain additional packs of cards by completing card missions or from the cash shop and the ticket prize wheel.

The rules are simple: Your deck also represents your life points, meaning the player who runs out of cards first will lose. Damage inflicted upon your opponent causes them to discard a specific number of cards. Some cards have special abilities allowing players to discard additional cards to do extra damage to your opponent.


There are also loads of other activities for players to participate in, such as arcade mini-games ranging from a memory game to others more skill-based ones. For completing these mini-games players are rewarded with tickets for the ticket prize wheel, allowing the chance to win coins, decorations, cards or other items.

In addition, players may complete several challenges such as greeting other players, buying new heroes, beating missions or card game quests. Each challenge completed awards them tickets, coins and new heroes.


Being free-to-play, the game supports microtransactions of its in-game currency but also offers subscription options. In case players decide for the later, they may choose if they want to join the Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Membership for one, six or twelve months. This membership grants several perks, such as in-game currency, access to Jr. SHIELD Agent heroes, missions, and sidekicks, as well as 30% more XP, improved mission rewards, additional HQ rooms, and much more.


Web browser

Internet connection


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