Magic Barrage

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: GameGuyz


 A free to play browser based retro pixel based MMORPG that allows players to choose from one of eight different classes and set off on an epic adventure to fight monsters, dragons and the demons of Crassus.


-          8-bit Pixel Graphics bring a nostalgic retro style

-          Eight classes to choose from

-          Fast paced, arrow dodging PvE

-          Craft items with an in-depth crafting system

-          Instanced based dungeons, unlock more difficult versions of the same challenging dungeon

-          Create your own Guild

-          Arena PvP

-          Login through Google+, Facebook sign up with an account


 An age ago the Great Crassus was the strongest of his tribe, in control of a legendary soul weapon which had the power to tempt souls, but wielding such power so too was Crassus tempted and wickedness stirred within him as evil spirits plagued his mind. Unleashing the demon army that had fallen under his control Crassus began to massacre all that existed of the human race, near driving them to extinction.

Now the humans gather, preparing for war and gathering up the descendants of once great heroes to stand against Crassus and his demon horde. You are one such hero…


 Players will explore the world unlocking various instanced based dungeons that provide unique challenges, enemies and difficult boss creatures at the end of the level, all of which support larger story arc that unravels of the game goes on. When completing a dungeon players unlock a more difficult version of it, which they can then try to complete to earn even greater rewards and unlock and even more difficult third version.

Players can play solo work together in groups, something that is necessary for tackling the more difficult levelled dungeons.


There are eight different classes players can choose from:

The Warrior: proficient in close quarters combat they smashed the ground, a leap in to battle and can duel wield weapons

The Mage: using their own body as a vessel to channel their arcane energy they are able to manipulate the elements and turn them against their enemies

The Archer: using swift long ranged attacks they are deadly opponents that count on keeping their distance from their enemies

The Priest: able to support their allies as well as dealing divine holy damage on the Demon spawn that they will face

The Ninja: tactical and efficient mercenaries their stealthy attacks will catch enemies off guard, attacking from behind and ending their opponents swiftly

The Paladin: servants of the gods they are able to restore their own health as they inflict damage upon their enemies making them a relentless opponent in battle

The Warlock: using the dark arts they consume souls and use them to power their deadly attacks as well as being able to manipulate their enemies

The Assassin: using precision, speed and execution they are able to on leash extremely high damage attacks upon their foes and dropping them in seconds


 Players are able to attain an orange pet egg once they reached level 30 to hatch their own pet companion that will aid them throughout the game, alternatively they can purchase a gold egg using the Diamonds premium currency.


By progressing through the game players can unlock new peerage titles by increasing their level and there “Reputation”. When a new title is earned it will instantly increase the players health and mana total as well as giving a bonus to all stats.


 Web Browser


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