Lords Road

Lords Road


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


In a world under the threat of a rising malign force the Goddesses turn to a champion, a defender of humankind to rise up and protect the realm and destroy the evil that threatens the world. Lords Road sees players take on the role as the main hero in their own story-driven adventure in a free to play browser quest focused RPG with strong elements of character customization, PVE content and PVP features.


- Choose from two main heroes
- Customize your character with various items, mounts and pets
- Seek out the aid of powerful Goddesses to help you in battle
- Take on quests and head into dangerous PVE dungeons seeking out great rewards
- Test your mettle against other players in the PVP Arena
- Free to play
- Browser based gameplay


The core focus of Lords Road is for players to build up their own hero character, taking on quests and progressing through the game content players will gain EXP and level up, unlock new features and events and gradually grow stronger. A player’s overall strength is displayed by their BR Battle Rating, a culmination of their heroes attributes that are augmented by gear, companions, mounts and pets to make them even stronger. The game has various events that cover both PVE and PVP content as well as solo or team focused gameplay.


There are two hero characters that players can choose from, though neither have any appearance customization options; players can select either the Mage, a female only character able to use her powerful elemental magic to rain devastating spells upon the opposition, or the Warrior, a male character that uses brawn and weapon skills to dominate and overwhelm his foes. The choice of heroes will define the players starting attributes and determine the types of strategy they may need to employ in battle and the best companions to support them.


There are eight Goddesses and one Legendary Goddess that the Heroes can recruit to their side and travel with, these Goddesses will provide their aid in battle and unleash powerful skills, such as:

Victoria – Able to use her Critical Hit skill to deal 200% damage against a single target

Venus – Can instantly restore the hero’s hitpoints to a total of 50% of her own ATK value using the Recover skill

Chione – Uses Slow to reduce a single targets movement speed by 50% for three seconds


As well as the Goddesses one of the primary ways to improve a Hero is acquiring all manner of items and gear to directly improve the hero’s attributes when such items are equipped. These can range from trinkets, weapons and armor that can also be upgraded in the Forge, or even Mounts and Pets, companions that will add their own abilities and attributes to a hero to make them more powerful and can be trained and upgraded.


The game has a wide number of quests to push through the story content as well as a variety of daily features such as Daily Dungeons, Daily Quests, Daily Tasks and Daily Events. Some of the more challenging (and in turn rewarding) events are unlocked at later levels where players can work on their own or with other players to overcome greater challenges and bosses to pick up various items and resources. The Infinity Tower sees Heroes fighting through one hundred deadly levels of an evil tower, gaining prizes for every 20 levels cleared, but they must race against the clock as if they have not completed all 100 levels by the time the daily reset then they will have to start again from level one.


Aside from fighting against the challenging AI players can go head to head against each other and battle it out in the Arena for glory and prizes; here players can challenge the suggested opponents and try to take their position and climb the ranks the higher a player finishes in the daily rankings the better the prizes that they can earn and so competition is fierce. Players can also group up with their Guild to fight in Guild versus Guild battles in the Siege event, fighting the top 4 guilds for unique rewards and titles.


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