Lords Online

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platform: Internet Browser
Developer: IGG


This flash browser-based fantasy strategy uses those combat rules laid out in advanced D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) where players can choose between two modes: Lord and Hero mode, Lord mould is ideal for those who prefer a city development and army raising strategy game whereas those playing hero mode will experience more adventure and classic RPG gameplay.

With a whole host of different heroes available, battles to take part in and lands to explore as players journey across the magical lands of Mu.

Key Features

-          Detailed terrain and 3-D buildings

-          Fully movable maps

-          Build up troops and lead them with mighty heroes

-          Heroes can both settle lands and fight other heroes

-          Fights aggressively or embrace diplomacy

-          In-depth Alliance system to allow players to join forces against common enemies

-          Government both your city and your populous with a number of different actions

-          Discover and train up mighty heroes to lead your troops into battle and upgrade them independently

-          Vast choice of military units for more strategy and tactics


When the flood that would drown the world threatened the lands, the noble Prince Coss gathered his people and embarked on a journey to the continent of Mu, a peaceful haven hidden in the ocean’s depths. The people were welcomed by the Clude who inhabited the continent and shared their land with these new arrivals. However this piece was not lasting and Costa the silver Dragon appeared with its army and invaded leading to a long and bloody war.

Custer was ultimately defeated but not before cursing Prince Coss’s sword, his trusty magic weapon that have always served him was put in the charge of Bathory, the craftsman tasked with destroying it, but that was not meant to be. Instead the smith reworked the blade down into a small powerful crystal and escaped with it in his possession.

Now a new threat arises in The Beard, a tribe with the power to summon up bloodsucking leeches, even worse, they had come into the possession of Bathory’s silver crystal, and so launched their invasion.

Now the good forces of Mu have joined together to fight back the destructive Beards and you now stand in the midst of war.

Playable Classes

The Humans: gifted with intelligence and with them this versatile and hardy people has come to dominate the land, in part due to their mastery of their mechanical weapons.

Shaba: tall and strong this people look like hard labourers, there history and culture speaks of the people who prize glory in battle and bravery of all else.

Alec: breaking away from the shadow tribes many centuries ago they have turned into magic of worshipping people that seeks knowledge over physical power.


System Requirement

Internet Connection


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