Lineage Eternal


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
In Lineage Eternal players will step into the world of Aden, a beautiful fantasy setting plague by the rising hordes of monsters and evil that the players are challenged to combat in this heroic combat MMORPG.


-          Action-based cinematic combat
-          Three unique classes to choose from
-          Drag skills perform abilities and can be manipulated with your mouse
-          Play solo or join other players in groups to face more difficult challenges
-          Interact with various items and objects and use them strategically in battle


Players will take on the role as one of three heroes, unlike many MMORPGs they are the heroes and commanders of the battle, moving from enemy to enemy and destroying scores of them at a time with one swift blow creating bloody carnage. Watch as your players’ scale walls and towers, fighting along the ramparts in a city siege as your own catapults rain down upon the walls with fiery shells as you battle through wave after wave of enemy minions.


There are three playable classes within the game:

The Knight: a follower of the chivalric code this expert melee fighter is equipped with various armour and weapons and able to perform powerful attacks such as whirlwind strikes, charge attacks and has a unique defensive ability where they can take a shield stance to repel arrow attacks from archers. The warrior comes equipped with a grappling hook where they can drag enemies towards them from a distance or use it to climb walls and navigate over deadly drops.

The Mage: a scholar of the Ivory Tower that has now been corrupted by the Dark Emperor. The mage has various stances available such as the Destruction Stance where they can control the elements of fire and ice and lightning casting fiery walls that will set enemies aflame or icy barriers that are impenetrable until destroyed. The mage can also use their Displacement Stance to move their enemies with telekinetic powers, throwing them across the battlefield.

The Spirit Archer: a descendant of the Forest folk and were on good terms with the wooden elves they are Masters of the bow and are able to call upon friend the spirits to aid them in battle. Spirit Archers must monitor and can serve their arrows as once they have run out of ammo they are unable to perform their attacks. Their spirits will guide them and give them various buffs and benefits, in doing attacks with elemental effects, as well as being able to take on a humanoid form and attack enemies directly.


Instead of the typical targeting reticules used in MMORPGs when performing attacks and abilities, Lineage Eternal uses a mouse dragging technique where players can click and drag the mouse in different directions or gestures to perform their attacks. For example the Knight can build up a charge attack then drag the mouse cursor to charge in that direction or quickly draw a circle around himself to perform a whirlwind attack on nearby enemies. Similarly the mage can quickly summon her walls of fire and ice by drawing quick lines and they instantly appear where they were drawn, or they may cast a deathly touch spell which summons a whirling vortex under the cursor and as the player moves the cursor around over other enemies it damages all targets under its area of effect.


There are hundreds of items around the battlefields that players can use and interact with, from pulling levers to raise drawbridges, lighting torches in a dungeon to quickly dispel the wraiths that diminish when in light to more open ended uses of items. Explosive barrels in some places are dotted around and the spirit Archer can shoot at them to set them on fire, having them explode a few seconds later. More advanced uses of scenery are available such as picking up a fire pit and throwing it on to a tent will set not only the tent on fire but its inhabitants who come out already on fire and taking damage.


Whilst players are able to play the content solo many will prefer to play in groups, taking on quests and more difficult challenges and working together cooperatively. When in a group players are able to combine their attacks and abilities more effectively, also some abilities become more useful when part of a group such as the mages paralyse spell which requires constant concentration from the mage to keep it active. Where in solo combat this paralyse spell is less useful as the mage cannot perform other actions whilst her enemies are frozen, however when in a group her allies are able to attack frozen enemies as she acts as crowd control. Even the Spirit Archer is able to place his spirits on his allies to give them buffs and bonuses he would normally receive himself.



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