Let’s Fish

Let's Fish

GENRE: Free to play Fishing MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Ten Square Games


Let’s Fish is a browser-based free to play MMO where players must organise their own fishing tackle head off to various fisheries around the world and compete in competitions, tournaments and just for sport trying to complete achievements by hunting down and catching fish from across the globe.


- Fishing MMORPG
- Unlock and buy new fishing gear, everything from rods, lines, hooks, bait and more
- Travel across the world fishing in key locations in various countries
- Complete different achievements to unlock XP and level up
- Compete in friendly competitions against other players
- Interact with the community through the global chat channel and share your achievements
- No client download and playable directly through your Internet browser
- Connect with Facebook
- Free to play


The game itself is a very casual easy to pick up and play MMO and is primarily a solo endeavour with social elements for competing against other players or interacting with them by asking for help, helping others or simply talking through the global chat channel. The game consists of organising your own fishing equipment/tackle, heading out to different locations and trying to catch fish.


The gear that you have will determine what type of fish you will catch, as well as their weight, two things are very important in the game especially for those players trying to unlock the various achievements that will give them extra XP towards levelling up.

Players can select a number of different rods, line weights, hooks and bait as their primary gear, their rod and line will often determine the weight of fish that they are able to catch, for bigger fish the players will need sturdy rods and heavier lines. Similarly the type of books and bait you use, everything from bread, flies and worms will determine what type of fish you are likely to land. Various combinations available from different gear allow for hundreds of different fish to be caught in part of the challenge for players is to discover what tackle is necessary to land their desired fish.

As players level up they will unlock access to new types of gear, which they must still purchase with in game coins, meaning a steady progression throughout the game as players are unable to catch whatever they wish from the start and must build their way up to heavier and rarest fish. Players can even progress to see fishing, purchasing see rods, sea bait and even boats!


The mechanics for catching fish are relatively simple, when at your desired location and what should tackle has been equipped then you hit a button to cast your mind into the water. Once your float goes under and you have a bite you click to pull and then the fish is hocked, players must then repeatedly tap the left mouse click button to stop a gauge dropping into the red, the heavier the fish or the more appropriate your gear means it drops into the red very quickly and so even a fast mouse finger will be able to save you if you don’t have the right equipment. By repeatedly clicking the left mouse button players will reel in the fish and once it reaches the circle area fish is caught!


There are a variety of different bonus items that players can purchase to make life easier, everything from nets to ground bait will allow players to catch and really fish that they otherwise might struggle with. Many of these items are purchasable with the games premium currency, which can be purchased with real-world money.


When a player manages to catch a fish then it is added to their index so that they can find out the details of that fish, the record for the heaviest fish they have caught of that type, where they caught it and many other details. Many achievements such as catching a certain number of a particular type of fish are available, catching all the types of fish in a specific location and give players something to work towards.

Various daily and weekly challenges exist for players to join competitions and tournaments, competing against other players where they may have to catch the largest fish or the highest combined weight of fish of all the fish they catch in a set time. With this players can earn prizes and XP to improve their abilities.


as players level up as well as unlocking access to new gear they will also gain talent points that they can spend, as seen in many MMORPGs,and used to increase specific abilities of your character for certain areas of Fishing such as making them better at sea fishing.


Web Browser


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