Let’s Farm

Let's Farm

GENRE: Free to play Farming MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Ten Square Games


Let’s Farm is a free to play browser-based MMO where players can build up their own farm and manage it with the gold to create produce items that they can sell, trade and put back into their farm as they expand it to create the best farm they can. This free to play MMO is available in multiple languages and has full Facebook compatibility and offers a diverse set of features that are unlocked as players level up.


- Create and manage your own farm
- Grow your own crops to sell at market
- Level up and discover new items, buildings and expand your farmland
- Help other players with their farms for bonuses
- Complete tasks and quests for extra rewards
- no client download needed, played directly in your Internet browser
- Free to play


In the game players are able to construct various buildings and land enhancements such as fields to improve their farm. Typically these constructions will allow players to have access to a new produce that can be used as a trade item or used to further expand the farm, such as using would from the lumber yard. Some constructions, such as fields, can be used to provide different produce depending on the raw item that is used on it, for example using radish’s seeds or cucumber seeds will allow a player to grow completely different plants using the same plot of land.

This construction takes time and resources, often minutes to hours depending on the level of the building being constructed. Players have the option of simply waiting until the construction has finished speeding up the process by spending the games premium currency. Similarly when produce is being made in a building players also have the option of spending the premium currency to speed up production.

As players level up they are able to unlock new areas to further expand their buildable farmland so that they do not run out of room. Players can construct buildings anywhere on their land to get the look they desire, even if a building has been placed a player is still able to move or rotate it without having to knock it down and start again


Players are able to take the crafted produce and sell it at the market to earn coins that they can then spend on buying other items that they require to improve their farm. Alternatively players can trade with each other to exchange resources that each may need from the other.


Throughout the game players are given various tasks and objectives from the characters that will appear, these often revolve around encouraging the player to construct a certain type of building or gaining access to a specific resource or produce; when successful players will earn XP as well as coins to help them build a better farm.

When a player levels up through gaining enough XP they will be rewarded with diamonds, coins and given access to creating new items and buildings. As well as this players are able to then further expand their land, unlocking new areas to build on, as well is gaining access to new game features.


As well as being able to sell items there are also hundreds of items that players can purchase for their farm including practical buildings needed to create produce or decorative elements to create a wonderful looking farm. Players can also purchase items such as fertiliser which are used to speed up the growing process of your plants and crops, however they do require the premium currency to purchase.


There are two main types of currency in the game, gold coins, which are used to purchase the majority of items and are gained directly as rewards for completing tasks and objectives, as well as diamonds. Diamonds are a premium currency that can be purchased with real-world money or earned each time a player levels up, they are primarily used for speeding up building and production processes, purchasing boosters from the shop or buying some unique items that are unavailable with the normal gold currency.


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