Lego Minifigures Online


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


In Lego Minifigures Online players get to step into the exciting and imaginative worlds of Lego, exploring new and old locations such as space world, mediaeval world and pirate world and meeting some of your favourite characters. Players can play together in this persistent online world,learn new skills and abilities and fight against monsters big bad bosses will stop. This free to play game can be accessed on PC, iOS and Android.


-  Numerous worlds from the Lego franchise to explore
-   Story driven adventure
-  Almost 100 popular mini figures to discover and collect
- Unlock unique abilities for your minifigures
-   Interactive environments that you can build and destroy, just like Lego!
-         Play with thousands of players from across the world
-         Friendly PVP battles


A figure known only as “The Stranger” has been kidnapping minifigures from all across the Lego worlds, people are in search of a hero.. and you seem to fit the bill. On an epic journey to hunt down this villainous fiend you’ll face off against various enemies throughout the different worlds and meet a lot of new friends along the way.


With almost 100 Lego minifigures  in the game players will have form trying to find them, collect and then play as them whilst journeying through the game. The Roller Derby Girl, the Chicken Suit Guy, the Judge and more are all available, collectors favourite characters feature in the game, digital recreations of the physical Lego figures they have previously seen.

Collectors that purchase the physical Lego minifigure collectables will instantly have access to their new mini figure in the game and will immediately be able to adventure with them through this exciting world.

Each minifigure has their own special abilities that players will have to unlock in the game, attacking enemies with the DJs beats as musical notes fly across the battlefield to destroy his opponents, or give your foes the pointy end of the stick with the Aztec Warrior.


players will be able to explore an journey across dozens of Lego worlds, from Martian worlds where the brave Galaxy Patrol do battle against the mind controlling Brain Beasts of Pluuvia, or the seaside shores filled with swashbuckling pirates! Each world has its own theme and is uniquely designed with the inhabitants that dwell there.

With an epic storyline players will take on exciting quests, searching for treasure in the pirate world and hunting down Crikey the Kraken, rescuing a kidnapped King in mediaeval world as you battle against ferocious dragons and even taking on a quest from the mighty God Zeus in the games mythology world.


The world features a number of completely destroyable in-game elements that players can smash to pieces to uncover hidden areas, re-build them to better serve your needs or even create weapons to go against enemy bosses! With as Builder minifigure players can find piles of bricks and create something useful for themselves or their group, such as a turret, bridge or gyrocopter!

Discover crates and treasure chests and destroy them to collect stars used to train up your minifigures skills to make them even more powerful.


Players can adventure through the Lego world alone, but playing with friends in a team is much more fun. Complete quests and challenges in cooperative based play, or go up against each other in exciting PvP games.


Web Browser


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