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League of Angels III

League of Angels III

League of Angels III is a free browser-based 3D MMORPG game developed by GTArcade and released for GTArcade, R2Games / F5Game and other publishers.

Embark on this epic quest to save the world in League of Angels III, the latest saga in this free browser-based League of Angels franchise MMORPG. Recruit your team of angels to battle demonic beasts and their vile masters in a magnificent fantasy world in LoA3

League of Angels 3 gameplay and easy interface get you up and running quickly in-game, but there is a surprising amount of strategy involved that you have to decide. Your group's makeup and gear are crucial to your success in battle, you must choose the right time to activate your angels' special abilities to maximize your damage against fierce enemies.

With a story rich in content and highly detailed graphics, League of Angels III immerses you in the beautiful world of LoAIII. With a great map to explore, a diverse roster of characters, and many different types of battles, League of Angels III has plenty of content to keep you interested for a long time as it is constantly being updated.

Characteristics of LoA3:

  • Beautiful world in the game with good graphics

  • Angels with many details and many abilities

  • Challenging battles, use the best strategy to win

League of Angels III system requirements:

LoA3 based on a browser and should run smoothly on virtually any PC with an always better updated web browser

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