Genre: Free to play Action MMORPG
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: Rumble Games


This free to play action MMORPG lets players adventure across a fantasy realm as one of three dynamic classes: Archer, Wizard and Knight, of which players can switch between all three freely without having to start a new character. Battle against menacing and evil forces that threaten the people of Alderestone, level up your classes, loot gear and items to help you on your journey and unlock a variety of features to show the breadth and depth of this browser-based MMO RPG.


-          Switch between three dynamic classes: Knight, Archer and Wizard

-          Rescue NPC’s that will help you in your adventure and unlock new features

-          Play through instanced maps multiple times to unlock extra rewards

-          Team up with other players and tackle greater challenges

-          Breathtaking illustrative graphics that perfectly set the tone of your adventure

-          Play instant play in your Internet browser, including Facebook connectivity

-          Completely free to play


There are three playable classes within the game, players can switch between these three without the need to create a new character and still retaining all their unlock features and acquired items. The three classes are:

The Knight: equipped with a sword and shield the Knight’s greatest strength is his indomitable and impenetrable defences, able to take on attacks from multiple falls whilst hardly taking a scratch. Able to do powerful strikes or sweeping area attacks the Knight can go toe to toe with almost any enemy.

The Archer: relying on speedy attacks at long range the Archer keeps out on the brunt of battle, choosing to take down his enemies with multiple shots from his bow before they even reach him. With the fastest attack speed and longest range this class is capable solo or in a group.

The Wizard: focusing on area attack spells take down multiple opponents at once, such as a huge fireball blast or freeze attack that hits any nearby enemies, the wizard offers the most destructive attacks of the three classes with a mix of ranged and close combat powers.

Players acquire skill points each time they level up their class and can use these points to either unlock new attacks, which have a level prerequisites, or improve those abilities they have already learned to make them stronger. Skills come in two forms; Abilities or Passive, standard abilities are be attacks and powers that a player uses in combat actively, whereas passive skills are those that permanently boost characters stats, defences and attack proficiency.


 Players will progress through the various maps that slowly reveals a larger story arc for the heroes adventure; by completing a map, which usually consists of beating the levels boss, players unlock the next map in the series. A player can play a map multiple times, each time they will earn extra gems from doing so as a reward, the more times a completed the more gems a acquire. Once a player has completed all available maps on normal mode they can play through them all again on heroic mode to gain even greater rewards and then once again on champion mode.


Once players have rescued the blacksmith NPC they unlock the Forge feature, where they are able to use their unwanted all low-level items as ingredients to making new high-level magic gear that better suits their level. By using six pieces of common equipment players are able to craft a single fine piece of armour, if they do not have enough common equipment pieces they can substitute this missing piece by paying with gems, the premium currency that is earned through the game purchased with real money.


 Players do not have to play the game solo and can have two other friends to complete quests alongside them, allowing for each player to cover the three different classes. Friends can be added through the Rumble Games platform, but typically new people and friends can be found when a player reaches level 5, which then transports them to a public town where other players can be met.

With a quick click on someone else’s character a player can check out their profile, see what level their classes are, examine their equipped gear and invite them to join a group for questing or even join a Guild.

PREMIUMThe premium currency in the game are gems, which can be purchased with real-world money, but is also required simply by playing with the majority of quests that a player completes. Gems are used throughout the game, though they can be played without, and I used in a variety of ways from buying cosmetic skins in the shop, buying extra skill points to level up your character, filling empty slots in the forge, unlocking features without the necessary level prerequisites and more.


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