KanColle Online

KanColle Online

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMORPG
PLATFORM: Internet Browsers
DEVELOPER: Kadokawa Games


The browser based strategy free to play MMO KanColle Online sees historical Japanese warships brought back to life as cute girls with huge weapons. These assembled heroes are known as Fleet Girls and are tasked with bringing an end to the Abyssal Fleet. As an Admiral it’s your job to assemble your fleets, recruit new girls, upgrade them and head into exciting strategic battles. The game is free but has premium paid for options that can provide some advantages to players such as increasing level caps for their Fleet Girls through the marriage system.


- Over 100 Fleet Girls to collect and craft
- Upgrade your team to more powerful versions
- Equip Fleet Girls with powerful gear
- Fight against players and challenging AI
- Manage your Fleet Girls and keep them repaired and supplied
- Free to play
- Browser game


The core of the game focuses on building up fleets with Fleet Girls, taking individual girls and levelling them up to increase their stats and abilities, synthesizing them and upgrading them to advanced versions and equipping them with new gear. The combat in the game is mostly automated and so players focus more on the actual management and improvement of their Fleet Girls, ensuring they are upgraded as much as possible and always battle ready. Actions are conducted from the players’ personal Naval Base, which can also be upgraded by adding new furniture and additions, either from currency or paid Premium purchases using real cash that allow for a number of expansions. Premium currency items such as Paper Rings also allow characters to get married and remove the level 99 character cap and increase it up to level 150, as well as other perks to further improve the character.


Each Fleet Girl has its own personality and characteristics based on the type of ship it was during WW2, the fastest vessels represented by fast talking and moving characters, the youngest ships on the line are the younger girls in the fleet, where the more experienced and powerful ships usually take on the form of more mature girls that lead their more naive companions.


The base has six primary functions that can be used:

Factory – Used to disassemble undesired Fleet Girls (and recovering resources in the process) or constructing new Fleet Girls; the cost of which is defined by the type of Fleet Girl they wish to create. Players will have to gather many different types of resources throughout the game.

Remodel - Here players can spend resources to upgrade their current Fleet girls, advancing them into improved versions of their ship and adopting new abilities, they can refit and equip their Fleet Girls with new gear.

Organize – Each Admiral has control over a maximum of four Fleets, which are earned as they level up in the game, and can organize six Fleet Girls into each fleet (unable to use the same Fleet Girl twice in a single Fleet); here they can monitor the types of ships in their fleet based on the types of strategy they wish to run

Sortie – Seek out battle in a number of ways such as advancing through the ocean map and fighting through increasingly more difficult areas of the ocean, but in turn earning greater rewards, or fighting against other players in practice mode and putting their Fleet Girls up against each other. The more success a player has in battle, the greater their rewards.

Repair – Fleet Girls will take HP damage throughout a battle and it is important to keep them well repaired if the Admiral wishes to keep them fighting at top performance, repairing takes time and depending on the level and type of Fleet Girl and how much damage they have taken it can take a long time and cost a lot of resources to get them back in battle. Heading into battle without being repaired means a greater chance of a Fleet Girl getting sunk, if this is done then they are lost forever!

Supply – All Fleet Girls use up Ammo and Fuel to function, and must be resupplied after every battle, those Fleet Girls that control planes as part of their attacks also need to be fitted with Bauxite, each plane using a portion of their Bauxite resources.


Web Browser


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