Jungle Wars

Jungle Wars


GENRE: Free to play Base Building MMO Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Ten Square Games


In the deepest darkest jungles tribes of savages battle against each other for resources , territory and survival, hordes of masked warriors seek out rival villages with the intent to pillage and destroy them and to return the spoils back to their home village as tribute to their chieftain. In Jungle Wars you play the role of one such chieftain, ruling over your own village it is your strategy and tactical mind-set that will bring glory or destruction to your people. This exciting base building/defending MMO offers real-time combat with PVE campaign content and PVP against players from around the world; playable through your web browser the game is also totally free to play.


Build up your village from dozens of buildings
Manage your resources and acquire them through production or plunder
Design the layout of your village and construct defensive towers to protect it
Field an army of tribal savages to attack your rivals
Complete quests for extra bonuses and rewards
Work your way through a challenging AI campaign
Fight against real-world players and take on their own villages
Browser-based gameplay
Free to play


At its core Jungle Wars is a base building MMO where players must construct their own village filled with buildings and defences, protecting it from enemy players whilst simultaneously fielding an army to take out your rivals and attack their bases. With two primary resources players must manage both their income of Food and Mana, used to construct buildings and summon fighters, as well as their time as construction of buildings and units can take minutes or hours. Endgame concentrates on PVP with players working together in Clans and trying to top the PVP ranking.


There are a wide variety of buildings that players can construct in their village to help them out:

Totem - the primary building in any village, the rank of this building will determine the max rank that other buildings in the village can reach; it is also the most resource rich building in the village and the target for attacks from other players

Farms & Altars - these are the main resource production buildings that will produce Food and Mana used to buy new buildings, upgrade them or summon troops into the tribal army

Portal - required to summon new fighters to your village, the ranks of a portal will determine which types of units can be summoned from it, the armies’ unit capacity is determined by the Campfire building

Towers - there are a variety of defensive towers and turrets that players can place within the territory of their village, each tower has a range value that will automatically target enemies within range if they attack and so placing them strategically to cover as many buildings as possible is vital


There are a wide variety of units that can be summoned from the Portals to aid in a player’s conquest of other rival villages:

Warriors - typical melee-based cannon fodder these masked fighters will charge in and take down any defences and buildings using their spears

Shaman - ranged fireball wielding spell casters they are able to bypass walls to attack buildings and fortifications within range

Giant Spiders - these quick creatures are ideal to send en masse into a rival village as they will steal resources and move quickly from resource building to resource building

Healers - this cloud flying unit will be able to heal wounded soldiers to keep them in the battle longer, though is a target for the anti- aircraft volcanoes!


Combat can either be through the PVE campaign or attacking other player’s villages in PVP. When initiated players will be able to observe the villages layout and try to devise a plan on where to individually place their units to begin making their attack, either taking out defensive towers or trying to bypass them. Once units are placed they are completely automated and will attack nearby buildings and fortifications, moving on once they have been destroyed.

Players can band together in clans and work towards gaining individual or clan based PVP ranking that will earn them extra Premium Currency coins to spend in the game in various ways.


Web Browser



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