Hex: Shards of Fate

GAME TYPE: Free to play MMO Trading Card Game
DEVELOPERS: Cryptozoic / Hex Entertainment


In Hex: Shards of Fate players are able to battle in exciting trading card matches, building their card deck up from a huge selection of troops, magic spells and actions, artifacts and more in challenging and strategic combat against skilled AI opponents or players from all over the world. The game itself is completely free to play, developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment who have developed physical TCGs for years and are now bringing all their experience to their first digital game.


- Over 700 cards to make up your deck
- Arm troops and your Champion with weapons and gear to improve them
- chain cards together to build up combos or counter enemy attacks
- gain experience for your cards and watch as they evolve into a final versions
- engage in exciting PVP or PVE dungeons and campaigns
- 8 different races and a combination of hero classes
- Completely free to play


Hex is a traditional trading card game with enhanced features and involved mechanics to bring an extensive choice of strategy and tactical play compared to other games in the genre. Play against players from around the world in one-on-one duels and tournaments against the AI completing MMO RPG like dungeons to gain epic loot and cards for your deck.

The aim of the game is for two players to fight and try to kill the opposing champion, reducing it to 0 hit points using various attacks and manoeuvres with different types of cards, from Troops, Artifacts, Actions and Constants to support and your army and defeat the enemy using different strategic plays. Whilst players can build their deck from their available cards using the card management system, during play all these cards are shuffled into the deck and drawn at random meaning players must be able to make combos and plays on the fly with whichever cards show up.


The game world revolves around the two emerging factions that are on the brink of war once more after a centuries long conflict; the Ardent Alliance made up of the surface dwelling Humans, Orcs, Elves and Coyotle against the gathered subterranean forces of the Vennen, Shin’hare, Dwarves and Necrotic.

Depending on the race a player chooses for their champion will determine which types of cards will become available to them for their deck, with different cards only being available to certain champions.


There are hundreds of cards that players can collect whilst playing Hex that can be added into their deck, from Champions, Troops, Actions, Constants and Artifacts, all of which will determine the types of strategy open to the player. Cards can be earned through tournaments, levelling up, purchasing bundles and packets from the store (which will give random cards) as well as earning particular cards through the dungeon/PVE content.

Each card will have its own important values from attack value, defensive ability (for troops), special abilities, cost to play as well as the threshold requirements that must be met, but primarily cards come in four different types:

Troop Cards – The main units used to attack enemy Champions and defend your own Champion

Artifact Cards – Specialized items and gear that can aid you in battle

Action Cards – Spells and abilities that can hinder enemies and their Champion or buff your own cards with a one time use

Constant Cards – Similar to Action cards but the effect is ongoing when played

Resource Cards – Different gem types required by each Champion that must be played to raise the threshold, each non-resource card having a specific threshold pre-req before it can be used

The more card is used the more XP it will gain and it has the ability to level up and change its abilities as well as becoming a foil/shiny version of the card. Cards have extra information on the back as well as a unique “double back” where the card can be flipped again to reveal the different achievements that have been earned using this card as well as its statistics for use.


The chain feature is one of the unique mechanics to Hex, where the game is broken up into different phases and until a phase ends players can still take it in turns to add cards to those cards that are about to go into play. Essentially players can add together multiple cards to create combos or even play cards to counter those that the opponent intends to play e.g. the buffing a Troop card that is about to enter the field. This added feature adds to the complexity and strategy of combat creating a wide variety of available tactics and plays later on in the game when players uncover a wide selection of cards for their deck.




4 Comments - "Hex: Shards of Fate"

  1. Ignacio March 24, 2015 at 1:57 PM -

    The information here regarding Hex as a f2p is false. As well as how to collect cards, as well as “players will be able to build their own deck”.
    The reason is pretty simple. Players start with a crap deck and they are forced to do pve content in order to get their first cards, so basically you are facing IA which has way better decks which you can hardly win against.

    Second of all, THERE’S NO WAY you can collect cards other than 5 basics against IA. Boosters cost real money, and there is no any other option with gold expect the traiding house (where you have to buy 1 card each time that will cost you a fortune).
    In conclusion this is a totally pay to win shit.

  2. Torture March 28, 2015 at 5:48 PM -

    Ignacio, you’re wrong. F2P guys can get loot that sells for 100’s of plat, you can buy an entire pack of cards with the gold from about 3 arena runs. And every single starter deck has been shown to be able to complete arena.

    And then there is the uruunaz rare boss that gives you enough gold to buy 3 packs of cards if you beat him. It is easier for F2P players to get things of real value in this game than any other.

  3. Prominis April 5, 2015 at 5:38 PM -

    On that note, it’s probably a bad idea to judge the F2P content (PvE) as of now, because CZE is still developing that content, hence why the game is still in ‘Closed’ (often referred to as ninja) beta, due to the developers not wanting to officially declare it as open until they at least get some encounters down (ignoring the Arena).
    Unless I missed something and it became Open Beta, as far as I was aware, it’s closed beta with infinite access. The PvE content is not finished, nor is the majority of the promised release content out yet. Thus, I do not believe anyone should be judging that side of the game yet, despite being on a site called ‘f2p’.

  4. Ignacio April 23, 2015 at 11:29 PM -

    Torture, the “loot” you’re talking about is very expensive for its rarity, therefore its almost impossible to get it. This game is absolutely no f2p at all, there’s no free content more than just pve which is really hard to beat with starting decks

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