Heroes of the Banner

GENRE: Free to play Tower-defense RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


In this free to play game players are in charge of the tower defences to protect their village and its inhabitants, summoning powerful Heroes of Valhalla to aid the people in this battle against all manner of orcs, Demons and other terrifying enemies. The game can be played online through any web browser and is completely free.


- Summon the Heroes of Valhalla, available in different rarities
- Use strategy to place your towers in the optimal position
- Use powerful spells to destroy enemies
- Take on numerous quests for great rewards
- Go head-to-head with other players in the Arena
- Earn XP and unlock new features
- Browser-based gameplay
- Free to play


The trickster Loki has declared his war against the Æsir, the Nordic pantheon of gods, assembling the Jotun Titans to his cause he seeks to wreak chaos upon the world. As a follower of the goddess Freya you are the hero that has sworn to protect the lands against the rising forces of evil, tasked with building up your army and becoming a Hero yourself.


Heroes of the Banner follows a classic style of gameplay for a tower defence where players must advance through various maps and levels, each one having a particular path layout that the enemies will attack down and as the hero you must place down towers beside these paths that will attack any passing enemy. Players do not have full freedom to place towers anywhere and there are designated locations and so players must be tactful in their choice of tower to place, directly represented by the Hero/Deity they choose to fight in the battle.


There are three primary Classes that a Hero may take the form of, each of which has three unique Incarnations that determines both their tower type and the abilities that players are given access to:

Mage - these Heroes can appear as Frostmages able to reduce a single targets speed, a Thundermage that deals large area of effect damage or a Flamemage that will deal massive damage to a single target.

Gunner - these Heroes can appear as a Gunner that does both AOE damage and stuns enemies, the Arbalester who is able to damage a single target but has a much longer range and the Mechmaster who offers up a great deal of AOE damage

Archer - these Heroes incarnate as an Archer that can attack a single target but has an increased attack speed, the Druid who is able to do stuns and AOE attacks and the Alchemist who can also perform AOE attacks and also damage over time poisons


Depending on the incarnation a player chooses for their hero when determining the type of tower they wish to have in the battle it will also determine what type of spell abilities they have access to, each Hero having their own attacks. During the game players will see spells for all their fighting heroes on their hot bar and when an attack is triggered they will be able to perform damage similar to their tower on a location of their choosing, which will consume their mana/magic that will return over time.


Players will gain access to gear for their Heroes, every item attained is bound to a single class and cannot be used by other Heroes. Each Hero can carry a maximum of four items but these items can be improved over time using Enhancement and Refinement features, that takes time to construct and players cannot enhance their gear any higher than their own player level.


Players will constantly gain access to rewards, XP and items through the various features in the game such as the Daily Quests where they must perform certain tasks, through daily logins and also a login bonus where players can keep claiming rewards whilst they are logged in, encouraging them to stay online and playing. Whilst free to play the game also offers a VIP benefits system where players can pay real-world cash using Recharges to gain access to different a VIP status is which will give players access to a variety of items.


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