Hazard Ops

GENRE: Free Play Third Person MMO Shooter
DEVELOPER: Yingpei Games


A kill everything or be killed horde slaying shooter MMO that puts players up against a number of different weird and wonderful monsters and creatures from various dimensions in an adrenaline fuelled, heart stopping, horde blasting game. Working together in cooperative team based strategy players must defend themselves from all manner of robots, zombies, monsters and who knows what else in what has come to be the spiritual successor to the extremely popular Mercenary Ops shooter on iOS that was launched in Asia.


- Fast-paced third person shooter
- 60+ available maps to be explored
- Face off against dangerous and diverse enemies
- Engage in PVP with up to 16 players
- Free to play


Once again mankind just couldn’t help themselves and the scientific community with one key inventor has created portal technology that has allowed Earth to open gates to other dimensions, which as always is only a bad thing. Now all manner of ghosts, ghouls, mythical creatures, zombies, futuristic robots and other enemies are pouring into our world in search of complete annihilation of mankind and you are one of the few mercenaries equipped to deal with such a problem.


Back primary game is a team driven story based MMORPG where players take on the role of a crack unit of eight mercenaries tasked with fighting back hordes of creatures in a wave/horde based survival campaign mode. Progression through the different levels will allow players to unlock new zones, which in turn will release even more threats onto the map, but offers an element of replayability to each level which is dynamically generated and never the same. The action-based arcade style combat allows players to dodge, take cover and actively reload their weapons (which if timed badly is problem going to mean they die). The game is extremely tactical and will rely on cooperation with the team to survive the threats.

One of the key elements is that players are able to play through the levels in various difficulty settings, which will ramp up the AI and the number of mobs you are likely to face. However the more advanced difficulty mode will also puts players up against huge boss creatures so each level culminates in an epic fight. In one scene we see a huge hydra/sea serpent type creature emerging from a pool of water for a cinematic battle to the death!


There are over sixty levels in the game, each with their own map and randomly generated areas, with their own threats and enemies to give players a unique experience each time they play. Journeying to different dimensions players will head to some familiar and unique environments, from dark prisons to long lost ancient jungle temples and come up against some strange enemies in the process including dinosaurs with rocket launchers strapped to their backs (which in particular will come out in the first planned DLC expansion).

The environments are in many places completely destructible, allowing teams to strategically blow up walls, as well as repair locations to make them more defensible such as boarding up windows. Destroying walls and using environmental traps meant to hinder the players, but can be turned on the AI enemies, is a very realistic strategic option forcing players to think tactically about how they can use the area around them to their benefit.


Progressing through the game will give players the chance to upgrade and improve their mercenary, fitting them out with all manner of armor, weapons and items to help them in the field. Each weapon can be further upgraded with eight additional accessories that allow players to customize their character to their preferred style of play as there are no classes in the game.


For those who want to go up against players instead of the waves of AI there is a 16 player PvP mode that allows players to take a break from the PvE campaign content and explore a variety of maps and games modes in some action based player versus player combat.





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