GrandChase iOS and Google Play

Grand Chase

GENRE: Free to play Action MMORPG
PLATFORM: iOS and Google Play


this in this 2-D free to play side scrolling MMO RPG players can play alongside each other in Co-op mode or against each other competitively in versus mode as they make their way through various instant levels spanning three vast continents. In Co-op mode players can group or up with 4 to a team or Duke it out with each other in PVP for some fast-paced action. When starting the game new players are initially able to access three playable characters with potentially five others available to unlock.


- Arcade style combat and controls allows players to quickly build up explosive attack combos with spectacular graphical special effects that keeps the pace fast and the adrenaline pumping
- Speed, timing and accuracy will separate good players from great players
- Upgrade your abilities and customise your characters to your own preferred combat style
- Equip them with gear, weapons and armour that will change their own abilities and the cosmetic look of the characters
- Team Play Mode: lets players fight in PVP with three to a team
- Survival Mode: play together with up to six players and coordinate attacks with your group


The world of Bermesiah have known peace and prosperity for many years, it’s to primary kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin thriving equally the centuries until Kaze’aze, the Queen of Darkness, killed the Queen of Kanavan’s advisor, magically disguised herself as him and managed to manipulate the Queen to go to war against the Seradin Empire.

After years of bloodshed Kaze’eze true identity was discovered and so she fled, and what’s the Queen of Kanavan focused on tracking down Kaze’eze, the Queen of Serdin established her own army of unaligned Warriors, whose only purpose was to ensure tranquillity and peace on the continent, that she named the “Grand Chase”.


Amy (The Dancer): a flexible and agile dancer to improve mobility, which is mitigated by having the lowest defences and vitality of any other classes.
Job Progression: Dancer – Muse - Siren

Arme (The Mage): as a powerful mage Arme has mastered both defensive and offensive spells and is a formidable in battle.
Job Progression: Mage – Alchemist – Warlock – Battle Mage

Elesis (The Knight): a skilled in close quarters combatant with the highest defences possible Elesis is one tough lady
Job Progression: Knight – Spearman – Sword Master - Saviour

Jin (The Fighter): a martial arts expert armed with swift punches and kicks that can raise his counter-attacks and attack power abilities
Job Progression: Fighter - Grappler

Lass (The Thief): a quick and nimble rogue he might not be the strongest or be able to take as much damage she makes up for it with his speed
Job Progression: Thief – Assassin – Dark Assassin – Striper

Lire (The Archer): a master of the bow Lire is able to dominate her targets at long distance, but is able to handle herself when an enemy gets too close
Job Progression: Archer – Crossbowman – Arch Ranger – Nova

Ronan (The Spell Knight): Using both sword attacks and magic he is the perfect hybrid of a warrior and mage creating a balanced combatant
Job Progression: Spell Knight – Dragon Knight – Aegis Knight – Abyss Knight

Ryan (The Druid): at one with nature he is able to transform himself into powerful beasts that can build up ferocious attack combos
Job Progression: Druid – Sentinel – Viken - Xenocider


Operating System: Windows 98
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 800 MHz
Memory: 256MB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 2.5GB
Graphics: 3D support


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  1. uno April 6, 2015 at 3:19 PM -

    this one is finished
    the servers are going down on april 15

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