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Manage your own football team in GoalUnited, this free to play browser game gives you access to all the tools needed to successfully create and manage your own team and more; buy and sell players, build your own stadium, and compete in the football League.


-       Leagues: Every League in GoalUnited is made up of 10 teams that will compete in the duration of a season and either achieve promotion into a higher league, or be demoted into a lower one. In the lower Leagues (7 – 20) the top three teams at the end of a season are automatically promoted, whereas in the top Leagues (1 – 6) the top two teams enter a play-off with a neighbouring league to achieve promotion. In all cases those teams below the red line in their League will be demoted at the end of the season.

-       Managers: As a manager you handle all aspects of the team, choosing the players, formation, training and even oversee building of your new stadium and team staff: Doctors, Financial Consultants, PR managers and Trainers, all of which will benefit the team or the players directly.

-       Players: Your team starts with 19 players in total, each player have their own skill value and abilities, which can be improved with training and playing games, monitor them wisely to see who will be the best pick for your squad.

-       Transfers: Acquire new players to expand your squad to the 25 player max, buying and selling players on the transfer market, bringing in those who may fill a gap in your squad and getting rid of those not pulling their weight!

-       Formation: Try out various formations and see which suits your teams’ capabilities, change them out to see what works best against opponents’ formations; either micro-manage this part of the game or leave it to be automated.

-       Training: Long-term development and training is vital for a successful team, ensure that this area isn’t overlooked and keep an eye on which player need training and how much.

-       Stadium: Ticket sales provide a vital income for your team, expanding the comfort and condition of your stadium ensures that supporters are willing to spend more money to come watch your team play.

-       Sponsoring: Stadiums don’t build themselves so by bringing in massive cash flow you can monitor your Sponsors, who bring in money weekly and bonuses for winning a League match.


With a monthly subscription players can enjoy a few additional benefits for just a few dollars; these features don’t unbalance the gameplay and act as extra helpful systems to make the game management easier. Available features include details statistics, team logos, professional search function, player jerseys, savable training schedules and a friends list.


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