Global Strike

Global Strike

GENRE: Free to play MMOFPS
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Global Strike is a free to play browser-based MMO first person shooter that allows players to fight against one another in fast-paced action packed matches that revolve around team based battles using numerous game modes and a variety of maps. With strong character customisation where players can purchase and equip their own loadouts the game has strong PVP combat and can be played directly through a player’s web browser without the need of any plug-ins or client downloads.


- Fast, action packed PVP gameplay
- Multiple game modes from classic to more unique matches
- Numerous maps to explore and master
- Customise your characters weapons and gear
- Browser-based gameplay
- Completely free to play


The core of Global Strike is a player versus player team based shooter, with elements of solo play such as classic game modes as Deathmatch, players will be able to play games, gain levels and ranks, earn Crystal currency and acquire different weapons to improve their character and power.


There are numerous game modes available in Global Strike with various maps are geared towards certain modes, such as:

Deathmatch - Every man for themselves in this classic game mode, players must face off against each other over different maps, trying to rack up kills with the first player to get the required score being declared the winner

Team Deathmatch - As above but players have a stronger element of cooperative gameplay with other team members, able to work together and use more tactics and strategy to dominate the other team. Typically teams must reach 80 points to win the match; being mindful about letting the enemy dominate the map too much as they can pin players in their spawn location and kill them each time they respawn into the match

Mutants - An exciting game mode where some players are randomly mutated into genetically modified creatures who must hunt down the other human team, if successfully landing a melee attack on them then the human becomes infected and joins the Mutant team. This game mode has added elements of excitement such as boosters to give players extra abilities such as shields and speed as well as a default super jump available to all players to jump over walls and on top of buildings

Bomb Disposal - Two teams with an opposing objective, one team must plant a bomb at one of two locations on the map where the other team are tasked with either defending them for the duration of the match length, disarming it once planted or killing off the attacking team

The different maps available in the game come in a range of sizes, from the smaller Ice Fortress that can be an intense battle in such small quarters, or the Nuclear Base filled with dozens of corridors and rooms and places to hide. Players will be able to master each map, knowing the best routes, best hiding places and more importantly the best vantage points to take out their enemies.


Players can customise their characters primarily through their choice of gear, able to equip melee and ranged weapons, sidearm, grenades and more to best suit their own preferred play style. There is a huge range of weapons to pick up, everything from Automatic weapons, sniper rifles, axes, shotguns, each with their own improved stats so that players can balance range, damage and accuracy.

Weapons are purchased using various Crystals available in the game and can be used to unlock weapons for a few days and hire them or some are available as permanent fixtures to a players arsenal:

White Crystals - Used to acquire weapons from the Silver Arsenal, these crystals are earned through normal gameplay and acquired at the end of each match

Blue Crystals - These Crystals can be purchased using White Crystals, or acquired through daily logins and top ups (which require real-world cash to be spent) and give players access to the Elite Arsenal with improved array of weapons and gear, which can be seen in a battle as a glowing Blue weapon

Yellow Crystals - The most valuable Crystals, these can be acquired in the same way as Blue Crystals, but they unlock the Golden Arsenal which has on offer the best weapons in the game, each weapon can be easily identified in a match due to its Gold appearance


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