Gladiatus MMORPG Free-to-play


Gladiatus is a Free-to-Play strategic MMORPG game browser-based

As a Gladiator the player must arm themselves and do what it takes to earn gold to train up their skills and stats, either exploring in the wilderness beyond Romes city walls, fighting in the Arena, performing tasks and missions for tavern keepers and battling terrifying monsters. Work hard and train up to be the best Gladiator your server and the world has ever seen!


Gladiatus is a free to play browser game that is set in classic Rome where you take on the role of a rogue Gladiator that has earned their freedom. Fight and train and jump into combat encounters, which will automatically resolve themselves in around ten minutes, ideal for playing in an open tab on your computer or on a tablet.


The game itself is broken down into main area types: Towns and Wilderness, bother offering different features and gameplay options.

-       Towns: Fight in the Arena in PvP, train your skills, buy weapons and armor or general goods, take on tasks and missions to work for your gold, or visit a number of shops from Alchemists to Jewellers. You can also buy items from the Market or trade at the Auction House.

-       Wilderness: Explore the Misty Mountains, the shady Grimwood or tackle barbarian villages, bandit camps and pirate harbours.


Internet connection and Java.


Developer: Gameforge
Platform: Internet browser




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