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Generals Art of War

Generals Art of War - Generals


Generals:Art of War is a browser-baset RTS Free-to-Play Game you can play on your browser for FREE, Generals Art of War also called Generals

The large-scale online strategy "Generals" will take you into the era of fierce military battles and will make you feel like a real commander.

Original gameplay, high-quality graphics, exciting battles and powerful military equipment are waiting for the players.

Unique map of the World

Tired of the endless, but absolutely identical and meaningless maps in strategies? In the Generals you will find a real battle for control of the whole world, in which you can show your talent as a strategist and tactic.

You and a few dozens of players will find yourself on the map of the real Europe, where you have to capture new regions for the sake of resources, close the borders of your opponents' possessions and conquer their cities, turning other players into your subjects.

And after a while the world map will be updated, and a new battle for power will begin, already against new rivals.

Strategic battles between alliances

So, you conquered the whole map, your enemies pay you a tribute and are waiting for your orders, what now? It's time to create a powerful Alliance and lead it in the battle for power over the whole world.

The game continent is divided into regions under the control of the strongest Alliances, and your task is to conquer them all! It is not enough to have one combat power here, you will have to show your talent as a strategist and commander, choosing the best paths of offensive, without weakening the captured positions.

But beware, because this war is between all the Alliances! As long as you are fighting for life and death with one of them, the other can insidiously hit you in the back.

Strategy and tactics - a pledge of success

Huge scope for the development of your base and armada! Hundreds of ways to increase your combat power are available to you almost immediately, and it depends only on your strategic skills and tactics, on the ability to accurately plan the development path of your base, whose tanks will turn into a pile of smoking metal.

The greatest Generals of all times

The legends of the twentieth century will go down from the pages of history textbooks to stand under your banners. As you develop your base and swing, the most famous generals of World War II will lead your armada to victory.

10 Games modes

The war for power over the world between Alliances, Alliance tournaments, rating battles, punitive campaigns against opponents on your map, Arena, hundreds of levels of "Survival" and "Crusade", Campaign, battle with the World Boss, and many other modes are waiting for you in the Generals.

No matter how much time you want to spend in the game, you will always find something to do.


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