Developer: Perfect World
Platform: Internet browsers


Fortuna is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORTS, set in Europe during the Renaissance era, the golden age of discovery. The title offers players a deep combat system and a plethora of options as they develop their humble settlement into a powerful empire, amassing huge armies to lead them into battle. Meanwhile, they will form alliances and undermine enemies at every turn to tip the scales of power in their favour.


- A war torn world full of conflict and political intrigue
- 3 noble families vying for influence and control
- City development and management
- Player alliances, trade and diplomacy
- Powerful generals to recruit
- Robust combat system offering plenty of strategy options
- No download required
- Free-to-play


Fortuna lets players choose to join one of the game’s major three noble houses:

Extremely successful in financial business throughout Europe, the Medici gradually gain political power in Florence. The Italian Renaissance flourishes under their rule, due to their sponsorship of famous artists and scientists including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Galileo.

A prosperous German family of merchants and bankers, the Fugger hold a monopoly on silver, copper and mercury mining. They lend money to kings and emperors which results in great political influence.

The Welsh house of Tudor reigns over England, extending their power into Ireland and France. Believing that the ends justify the means, they amass a powerful navy, fight bloody wars, and brake away from the Roman Catholic Church.


There are four resources players have to collect in order to develop their hamlet into a flourishing metropolis: timber, stone, food, and iron. While timber, stone and iron are needed for constructing and upgrading buildings, food is used to pay for military units. All resources are produced at the player’s farm.


Regarding buildings, Fortuna features 26 different types in total, ranging from dwellings and commercial sites to churches and military buildings. Constructing and upgrading buildings increases the city's prosperity. The most important ones are:

The farm produces timber, stone, food and iron.

The storehouse stores the resources and can also convert them into other types for a fee of 1 Gold Coin.

Barracks are erected to recruit soldiers for the player’s army.

The academy unlocks new technologies and military units and also improves already unlocked units.

This building produces bandages to heal heroes that were injured in battle.

Protestant church
The protestant church puts people to work at the farm and in the storehouse, increasing farm resource output and storehouse capacity.

Through the embassy, players are able to join or create alliances with others to support each other with troops, etc.

Training hall
This building allows improving the skills of recruited heroes through passive training.


Military units in the game can be classified as melee and ranged infantry, melee and ranged cavalry, and siege weapons, each group containing several units that can gradually be unlocked:

Melee infantry
- Militia (very basic training and without superior equipment)
- Pikemen (able to stop charging enemy cavalry)
- Swordsmen (equipped with heavy armour and superior shields)
- Slayers (powerful soldiers with heavy plate armour and two-handed swords)

Ranged infantry
- Archers (considerably long-ranged shots, low defences)
- Musketeers (precise marksmen, less damage in close range)
- Crossbowmen (shots penetrate heavy armour)
- Javelineers (limited protection by wooden shields)

Melee cavalry
- Scouts (specialised in ambushing the enemy's siege weapons)
- Outriders (excellent overall offensive and defensive power)
- Knights (equipped with heavy armour and powerful maces)
- Cavaliers (superior defence, powerful charges, high costs)

Ranged Cavalry
- Musket Cavalry (gunmen on specially trained horses)
- Javelin Cavalry (superior speed, harassing enemies with spears)
- Longbow Cavalry (experts at drawing in the enemy by pretending to be defeated)
- Crossbow Cavalry (great versatility and manoeuvrability through lighter weapons)

Siege Weapons
- Catapults (first siege weapons to be unlocked)
- Cannons (stunning cannonballs, less damage in close range)
- Balistae (unlocked and upgraded in the Academy)
- Mortars (last siege weapons to be unlocked)


Prosperity defines the city level and is gained by constructing and upgrading buildings in the player's city or satellites. If the city is successfully invaded by enemy forces, prosperity will take temporary damage that recovers over time. This can partially be accelerated by hiring an Artisan NPC.
If prosperity drops through a level barrier, the city's level will also temporarily decrease, not harming the existing buildings, but shrinking the player's farm.


Internet connection
Web browser


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