GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG
PLATFORM: Internet Browsers


A free to play RPG title, Felspire is a browser based adventure where players take charge of one of three different heroes in a fantasy realm where a dark malevolent being has returned and seeks to control the powerful Felspire believed to power the world and link to the underworld itself. In this feature heavy quest focused title players will adventure across the lands of Eremos seeking out evil and riches as they battle some of the greatest threats the world has ever known.


  • Three different playable classes

  • Upgrade your gear and refine it

  • Acquire mounts and wings

  • Train up your pets

  • Compete in PVP or Guild v Guild battles

  • Solo and Team Dungeons

  • Free to play

  • Browser gameplay


The primary focus for players in the game is to build up their Combat Power (CP), which is a visible value made up of their combined character stats, items, buffs and gear and a direct indicator of how strong players are in comparison to each other. This advancement is made to gain access to more difficult PVE features and compete against other players in PVP and it is typically done by advancing the games storyline through a series of quests and events.


The Felspire has been a mysterious tower that has been a landmark of Eremos for longer than any can recall, believed by many to be a fountain of power and even a portal to the underworld, there are now those that seek to merge the world of the Catacombs and that of the mortals, throwing the world into a time of chaos and darkness.


Player can choose from three available character classes:

  • The Warrior – a stoic and dutiful martial fighter he is equipped with heavy armor and deadly weapons that make him a deadly physical presence on the battlefield, his high defenses and dodge abilities also make him an ideal frontline defender able to protect members of his party

  • The Mage – a mysterious practitioner of the arcane arts he is able to wield the elements and harness their power for his own, hurling frightening spells at his enemies he can devastate them with lightning and fire attacks or freeze them in their place with his ice spells

  • The Archer – with keen eyes and a deadly accuracy this long ranged combatant can skewer their opponent with arrows from a hundred paces, never missing a shot they are feared for their critical strikes and ability to always keep out of range of their enemies


Each class has a selection of skills and abilities that they can use in battle, from high damage single target attacks to area focused abilities to take on groups, as players level up they will unlock new abilities to give fighters even more utility in battle. Each class is capable of handling themselves on their own, but as a trio they make up a powerful group able to bring something different to the battle.


Combat Power is each individual characters overall strength that increases each time they level up, upgrade abilities, equip new items or even refine them to make them more powerful. This Combat Power allows players to identify how strong each other are, particularly useful when engaging in PVP.


The game has a number of automated and semi-automated systems including the game taking full control of your character, having them run from place to place to pick up and complete quests, fight battles and even sell loot if your pack becomes too overcrowded. Players can level their character with relative ease without even needing to play the game.


There are lots of different events in the game, some are available to play only during certain hours of the day, others require special items to participate in them; they range from PVP battles to different PVE challenged such as solo and team dungeons, world bosses and more. Events are a great source of key reward items needed for other features such as crafting and upgrading gear, as well as a source of XP and gold to advance your character.


Web Browser


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