Farm Days

GENRE: Free to play Farming MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Farm Days is a fun and free to play farming simulator where players control their own farm, able to manage their land, crops, finances and resources the goal is to make a profitable farm and something to impress your friends, Union members and other players. The game is a colourful 3D animated MMO and can be accessed through your web browser without the need of a client download.


- Build up your farm from scratch
- Earn XP to unlock new buildings and shop items
- Manage resources, time and finances
- Plant crops and tend to your animals
- Compete with players in the rank system
- Earn dozens of achievements
- Complete quests for rewards
- Browser title
- Free to play


The game offers a simple casual game where players must build up a farm, creating all manner of produce from wheat to pumpkin pies, they will level up, earn currency and buy more structures and new items to have the best looking farm which can be visited by other players. Whilst the game is relatively simple players must manage their time well as constructing certain structures or producing specific items can take minutes and even days to complete and so regular playing of the game is needed if you wish to get anywhere.


The main feature of the game is that players can make a self-sufficient farm, using their produce to sell to players, to complete Orders for currency and XP, or complete quests for NPCs. For example an NPC may require a Pumpkin Pie, to create this players first need Pumpkins which they can get buy purchasing a pumpkin patch, watering it, then harvesting the pumpkins when they finally grow. To make the pie they will also need flour, which is made from the Wheat you would harvest from your wheat crops and ground into flour in your Mill, wheat can also be ground into cow feed and chicken feed, both of which are needed to be fed to those respective animals to get milk and eggs, the final ingredients to making a Pumpkin Pie in the Bakery. Many items are made to sell or complete quests, others can be used to help create a higher quality/complexity item, or consumable resource that the farm requires in order to keep running.


Upgrading happens by acquiring higher level structures, crops, animals and decorations as well as expanding your farmland to make the farm bigger overall. To acquire higher levels players must complete quests and Orders, earning XP and in turn levelling up (which also instantly makes all your crops and buildings instantly yield their current item), different items in the gold shop can be purchased with gold but only if the level pre-requisite has been met. Similarly with expanding your farm borders, all around the farm are plots of land that cannot be claimed and used until the players completes a level-locked quest.


Farmyard Bucks play an important role in the game as they allow players to speed up the construction time of their buildings and crops, or can allow you to instantly buy a missing ingredient in a recipe that you don’t have or cannot yet access. Whilst primarily a premium currency that can be purchased with cash, players can earn Farmyard Bucks by levelling up, reaching a high rank, completing certain quests or alternatively watching video adverts and earning the Bucks that way.


The game has a strong community and constantly encourages players to try and help it grow by asking players to share successes to Facebook or inviting players to the game; some features in the game only allow you to acquire an item as a gift from added friends (whether real friends or those met in the game). Groups of players can form Unions and work together as a guild, trying to help each other out and work towards being the top of the Union Rankings, whereas individuals can compare their score against the rest of the players or against their own friends.


Web Browser


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