Fallen Sword

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Hunted Cow Studios


Set in the fantasy realm of Erildath players step into the shoes of a brave adventurer, exploring the world, discovering dungeons and recovering one lost treasures. With a combination of an exceptional combat system and old school retro MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) gameplay Fallen Sword can be played solo or with groups of friends and is free to play through your Internet browser.


- Thousands of levels were in game content, creatures and realms
- HTML 5 crafted gameplay
- A variety of abilities and character skills
- Thousands of quests and collectable items
- Trade with players or sell your treasures on the auction
- Continuous community events and regular updates
- Completely free to play a little
- Accessible through your Internet browser


The game map itself is broken up into thousands of different tiles, each tile acting as its own location. Players move from square to square using a simple navigating tool which shows the small portion of the map you are currently at and the ability to move in 8 different directions, up, down, left right and diagonals to reach a new location.

At each location a menu shows you what is currently at that place, typically this will be NPCs, creatures, other players or buildings that user can interact with. Players can enter buildings which will bring up an entirely new instanced map of that particular area, but otherwise acts exactly like outside maps.

Player also have the ability to use way portals to instantly transport to another location, these portals have a level pre-req depending on the area and cost an amount of gold, one of the highest areas is The Dark Sea which requires a level 921 and costs 110,520 gold to travel to it, giving an idea of the scope and scale of the games size.


Creatures and some NPCs (such as natives) can be attacked, but prior to attacking them the user can check out the targets level to see whether they think they will beat them in a fight. Attacking a creature takes you into automated combat where both opponents exchange blows until one of them dies. If you win the fight you gain gold, XP and sometimes item drops including weapons and armor, however, if you lose the fight then a player loses XP and gold!

Quest NPCs will give a player a quest to complete, which will reward them with gold and XP. Players must again hit a pre-req for certain quests before they can take them.

Users can click on other players in their location and either examine their Character Profile or sent an message to them. Alternatively a user can choose to attack another player once per hour, whether they win the fight or lose it, and as with creatures the winning player will gain XP and portion of their opponents’ gold, whilst the defeated loses XP gold, and both players PvP rank will change.


Each player has their own character profile which shows their general statistics such as Level, current XP, attack, armor, PvP Rating, Arena Wins, Kill Streak, Gold and more. It displays any enhancements and medals a player as achieved as well as showing the players “Allies” and “Enemies”. Players are able to edit their own Biography, a text snapshot of the character to leave a message to people viewing the player, typical of an old school RPG type game. Finally the profile shows the players current inventory, equipped gear and the items in their backpack.


Every action in the game, from movement, attacking players and creatures, etc. once a player runs out of stamina they are unable to do anything else in the game. Stamina restores over time, a tick every hour, starting at 50 stamina per hour at level one where you begin with 500 stamina, but there are other ways to increase your stamina and premium currency options to refresh it.


There are items that players purchase from shops are actually craftable, which give additional stats bonuses, but the bonus that is gained through crafting is random and may be very poor, poor, average, very good, excellent or perfect quality.

Players can progress from being an Apprentice Crafter to Adept Crafter, Expert Crafter and finally Master Crafter, each of which further improves your chances of making a higher quality item.


Web Browser


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